Botanicare CNS 17 Nutrients

Botanicare CNS 17 is a highly effective plant nutrient developed through research and technology. CNS stands for Commercial Nutrient System. The CNS 17 is developed by a hydroponic consultant Dr Lynette Morgan. CNS 17 is highly concentrated that only one part is enough to get all the required nutrients.

The suspension used in the manufacturing of this nutrient system contains all the 17 essential nutrients for the plants in a single formula. When using CNS17, there is no need to use other nutrients. This is made as a hydroponic formula that suits most vegetables, flowers, and fruit crops that are growing in hydroponics. CNS17 is suitable for traditional growing with soil as well.

The Chemical Ingredients of Botanicare CNS 17 Ripe

Botanicare CNS 17 is a base formula and not any supplemental nutrient that is used with other nutrients. Since the CNS 17 is formulated to be a one part formula it contains all the essential plant nutrients. It has high content of calcium, sulfates, and phosphates that forms a complete spectrum of nutrients. It contains chelates to protect the ions of manganese, iron and zinc which are very important for the plants. It also has the micronutrients like boron, manganese, iron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, nickel etc.

When the CNS 17 is diluted in the water the organic compounds hydrolyses to give energy for good microbes to grow, which are also beneficial for the plants. This highly concentrated nutrient formula need to be added in very small quantity in a liter of water, 10ml in one liter of water. The products are available in 5, 2.5, or 1 gallon bottles as well as quart pack.

Botanicare CNS17 Grow, what is that?

Even though it is a one part formula, each growth stage of the plant requires a different formula. There are three types of CNS 17 nutrient, grow, bloom and ripe, each benefiting the named growth stage of the plants. CNS 17 grow is used during the growth stage especially in the first few weeks. The Bloom is to use during the middle weeks, the blooming stage, as a nutrient. Please note that it is not a blooming stimulant. The CNS17 ripe is for the last and final stage, the fruiting period, 2 weeks prior to the harvest. As the same suggests, it helps promote the hormone responsible for the fruit ripening. These three makes a complete nutrient kit and they are named as,

  • CNS17 Grow Formula 3-1-2
  • CNS17 Bloom Formula 2-2-3
  • CNS17 Ripe Formula 1-5-4

The numbers that follow the names denote the N-P-K ratio, i.e., the nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium ratio in the nutrient formulas. Each growth stage requires a particular quantity of these three minerals and the formulas are set as per the requirement and that is the reason why there are three varieties for the nutrient. Nitrogen is needed highest during the initial stage while it is needed the least in the final stage. Potassium is important for flowering and phosphorous for the fruit ripening stage. The formulas in CNS17 are made with this fact in mind. CNS17 contain the most important nutrient in high quantity to suit the purpose it is using for and reducing the amount of not so significant component in that stage.

Botanicare CNS17 is readily soluble in the water. It is very good for using in aeroponics units where a concentrated nutrient is needed but also need to be easily soluble. The concentrated form of Botanicare CNS17 does not alter the pH of the water. Other types of nutrients are to be added in somewhat higher quantity that can alter the pH value of the water.

  • CNS17 Grow Formula: CNS 17 Grow is a concentrated formula that suits both commercial and home growers. This suits all types of growing medium and makes an excellent recipe for the plants. The food requirements of the growing plants are perfectly met without the need of additional supplements. The nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are in the right proportion that is favorable for root development, reduced internode spacing, stronger stalks, and bigger and supportive branches. The CNS 17 formula is economical for a commercial grower as only a small amount is required per week and a single bottle can yield many more harvests before demanding a replacement. The nutrient proportion of CNS 17 is nitrogen 3%, phosphate 1%, potash 2%, calcium 3.6%, magnesium 0.5%, manganese 0.05%, and molybdenum 0.0005%.
  • CNS17 Bloom Formula: The CNS 17 bloom suits all hobbyists and large scale growers. The solution is formulated with right NPK ratios to ensure a good blooming. This is made to avoid toxicity or nutrient burn because of high usage of nutrients to promote flowering and heavy fruit bearing plants. The CNS 17 bloom clearly supports with the elements needed for flowering crops to support heavy fruit. The ingredients are in the amount of nitrogen 2%, phosphate 2%, potash 3%, and calcium 2.5%, magnesium 0.5%, sulfur 1.1.4%, manganese 0.05% and molybdenum 0.0005%. All the nutrients and the trace elements ensure a balanced feed throughout the flowering period.
  • CNS17 Ripe Formula: CNS 17 Ripe formula is used at the last weeks of flowering right before the harvesting. CNS 17 Ripe maximizes the crop quality and potential. It is used as replacement for the bloom towards the end of flowering period. The CNS 17 ripe promotes the ripening of the already formed fruits. It also helps increase the flower size to have larger fruits as well. The essential oil, if any, is also increased in the fruits. The nitrogen is 1%, phosphate 5%, potash 4%, calcium 1.25%, magnesium and sulfur are 0.5%, manganese 0.01%, and molybdenum is 0.0005%. It contains less nitrogen and more potash for the fruits. Nitrogen is of least important during this stage.

Botanicare CNS17 bloom Feeding Chart & Mixing directions

Add 10 ml per liter of water in the reservoir. For soil medium, mix with water and add to the potting mix or the containers as required. It is suitable for all vegetables, fruits or flowers. It can also be used as a foliage spray. For that, mix 5 ml for every liter of water and spray it on the underside of the leaves during the early morning or evening time.

The concentrated solution has the blend to prevent the binding of the nutrients and they precipitate out of the solution. But these nutrients when comes in contact with water is readily soluble without any problem. Care must be taken to have the water above 65 degrees F. If the water is below the recommended temperature, it may appear separated. To avoid this, mix the required quantity of the concentrated solution with equal amount of warm water and then mix this solution in the reservoir water. The presence of calcium in water can also cause precipitation. So the recommended water along with CNS 17 formulas would be reverse osmosis water.

Safety Information for Botanicare CNS17

CNS17 formulas have a pH of 5.5-6 and appear as white pale blue thick liquid with no distinctive odor. It is non-flammable and non-explosive. The liquid of Botanicare CNS17 is stable under normal temperature and there are no particular conditions that are to be avoided. There are no incompatibility issues or decomposition or polymerization risks.

CNS17 may cause mild irritation if exposed on the skin. Eye irritation or sneezing may also occur. In case of accidental contact with eyes or skin wash immediately with pure water for 15 minutes. For skin, use warm water and preferable detergent or soap. Always keep the containers tightly closed after each use. Immediately clean any spilled liquid and flush the area with warm water to remove all residue. The CNS 17 dissolves readily in warm water making cleaning easier.

What the users have to say (Botanicare CNS17 – review of the products)

The review of Botanicare CNS 17 shows that most users are happy with the CNS 17 products. They were surprised and wondering if a single formula can do the job that more than 2 or three products were doing. They vouch that CNS 17 did do what it had promised, that too, without any trouble. They got the crops in time. None of the plants showed any kind of nutrient deficiencies. They say the results are overwhelming when all the three formulas or at least the grow and ripe are used.

For those who want to try this new advanced technology in the plant nutrients, go for the Botanicare CNS 17 Starter Kit. The kit includes a pint each of CNS17 coco grow and bloom along with 8 oz bottles of CNS 17 ripe, liquid karma, silica blast, hydroplex and sweet raw. It allows the growers to try these nutrients and supplements to know if they are suitable for their plants or not. The many users have already made it clear that they won’t be disappointed.

Even if the recommended amount is 10 ml, there is no harm in trying lesser quantities. Many have successfully tried the same. What triggered this try is that they found their plants burnt when Botanicare CNS 17 was used with other supplements. So they cut out the supplements and tried a slightly lower quantity of CNS 17. Its success is in your hands. You can try it to find the ideal mixing proportion for your plants for a bigger harvest.

Frequently Asked Questions – Botanicare CNS17

Is botanicare cns17 ripe a base nutrient or a supplement?

CNS17 from botanicare is fully a base formula. All you have to do is replace CNS17 bloom with ripe during the last two weeks before harvest. It will reduce the nitrogen level while maintaining the phosphorus and potash levels in the required measurement. This will impact the plants positively by focusing on ripening and growth of the fruits.

How are the botanicare cns17 bloom and ripe reviews?

There are not much reviews about Botanicare CNS17 online but whatever I could find was quite satisfactory. Many hydroponic growers claim that the product works good and delivers healthy yields. Some users who have purchased CNS17 via amazon have given 4-5/5 star ratings and have termed it “great product for a great price”.

Can botanicare CNS17 be used for soil gardening?

Botanicare CNS17 has been prepared keeping in mind the necessity of plants growing in hydroponics only. Another disadvantage of using hydroponics products in soil gardening is the nutrient value can fluctuate noting that soil contains more healthy minerals already. Using botanicare on soil may result in poor growth. However, if you are looking for nutrients, there are many products such as Humboldt nutrients, Hesi that provide foods for soil plants too.

Why does the Botanicare CNS17 products have a different appearance compared to other products in the market?

CNS17 of botanicare has been formulated using polysaccharides and many other suspension methods which keep the individual nutrients such as phosphates, calcium or sulfates from bonding together. The result is a highly concentrated state of nutrients in a bottle but once it is diluted they easily dissolve and become healthy food for your precious plants.

Can I use botanicare CNS17 as a foliar spray?

Yes, you can but make sure to follow the instructions to get good harvest. It is recommended to add 5ml per liter of water and spray it underside of foliage. Spray during early evening time for best benefits. If you use botanicare CNS17 with ‘pure blend’ the results are doubled.

Why does botanicare CNS17 doesn’t dissolve correctly in water reservoir?

This is a common problem seen by many growers. It occurs because botanicare CNS17 works best when it is mixed with water that is maintained at a temperature of 68o-75oF. Easy way to fix this issue is by mixing the necessary dose with an equal amount of warm water thoroughly and then introducing to the reservoir water under 68oF.