Secret Jardin WebIt 60 Trellis Netting


Here’s Secret Jardin WebIt 60 Trellis Netting that gives optimum support for your plants. With the apt net trellis for your grow system, you can actually raise the level of yields to a great extent.

The net trellis works both ways – horizontal and vertical in holding the plants. Garden lovers very well know the fact that net trellis is one of the vital steps in a good gardening. The net trellis help in providing the plants enough support during its growing stage. The net trellis helps the plants to reach the grow lights by increasing their height and motivating them to go higher. This will automatcially result in good yields without any hassles.

Another thing about using net trellis is the fact that it also helps the grow lights to reach the root level of the plants. With the circulation fan doing its work in your grow room of recreating the wind, the net trellis backs it up by giving space for the plants to breathe easily. Just like traditional gardening, plants in grow room too need some space between themselves.

The 3 mm elastic of the Secret Jardin WebIt 60 Trellis Netting comes with abrasion resistance which keeps the trellis fixed at all times. The elasticity ensures maximum flexibility at all times without damaging the trellis. You will be getting hanging clips at each corner which makes it easier to connect it to the poles of the tent. Choose Secret Jardin WebIt 60 Trellis Netting that goes well with your grow room. Depending on your room, you will notice individual gaps of 10 to 15 mm. There have been rare reviews about the Secret Jardin WebIt 60 Trellis Netting and it is quite satisfactory.

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Secret Jardin WebIt 60 Trellis Netting
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