Trinity 3.0 – 32 Plant All In One Hydroponics System

If you are planning on growing tomatoes or any type of vegetables, fruits, herbs etc., here’s the best way to start. By setting up your own hydroponics system, you will be able to get more yields in a faster and effective way.


Long gone are the days when land were utilized for growing traditional plants with fertilizers or pesticides to keep away pests or vermin’s. If you are a plant lover and do not have much space to grow plants of your choice, here’s the new generation of hydroponics which helps you to grow plants anywhere i.e. at your office or home.

Hydroponics system from super closet

The hydroponics are quite powerful than you think. All you need is some seeds to germinate and a steel cabinet or a grow tent which will help you to grow tomatoes at a rapid speed than traditional grow method.

Currently the best in the market are products from Super Closet. You can choose from many products such as Big Buddha Box, Trinity grow system, and many other grow tents. They come in a cabinet system so even if you have a confined space, do not worry. The hydroponics system comes with a steel cabinet that looks like any other cabinet which is uniquely crafted with the thickest metal available in the market. It is powder coated to provide long lasting durability and prevention against rusting and wearing off.

How the hydroponics system work

The hydroponics contains chambers that helps you to grow tomatoes in a faster way than traditional grow system. Just place the seeds to germinate in the cloning chamber and when little sprouts pop up, then transfer them to the vegetable chamber.

Now sit back and wait till the flower blossoms and delivers you rich and juicy tomatoes. Repeat the process of germination and planting tomatoes as long as you want.

Features of a hydroponic system by Super Closet & Trinity grow Closet Yield

Imagine a room full of healthy rich tomatoes. That’s what you get when you initiate a hydroponics system in your home. Some of the features of hydroponics system are quite phenomenal. For starters, you need not add any fertilizer or pesticide which makes your tomatoes 100% healthy and free of toxic products.

Secondly, Super Closet guarantees more yields than any other brand available in the market. Unique process of growing plants with only oxidized water is new and patent by super closet.

Thirdly, there are air pump and water pump motors that are attached to the hydroponics system to grow tomatoes. These pumps work silently yet powerfully to keep the water oxygenated and keep the hydroponics system hydrated for your plants to flourish respectively.

The plastic containers of hydroponic system is made out of food grade plastic which is completely hygienic and void of any toxic unlike many random plastic products available in the market.

When you are growing plants, it is important that a support system be enabled. The adjustable net trellis helps in giving your tomato plant enough support and provide enough space for it to grow generously.

Other features such as thermometer to stabilize the cabinet/grow room temperature, air filtration to prevent moulds or unpleasant smell to enter etc. are features that make the grow system complete. The best part is you get an instructional DVD to help you set up the hydroponics system.