Superponics 8 Plant System

Products like the Grandma’s Secret Garden and Superponics 8 are gaining interest in Home Based Hydroponic system owners with Gardening interests.

Hydroponic system is the new step in the interior gardening practice where the traditional mode of raising plants has been changed into something new and effective. Hydroponics use water as the base for the growth of the plants compared to the traditional means of using soil. Hydroponics systems are created in many sizes and functions according to the needs of various users. SuperCloset is one the largest and the most sophisticated producers of small home hydroponic systems in the world. Products like the Grandma’s Secret Garden and Superponics 8 are gaining interest in Home Based Hydroponic system owners with Gardening interests. SuperCloset has been successful in creating a lot of variants for different users according to their needs in terms of growth, space utilization and yield.

SuperCloset has many versions and forms of small home hydroponic systems which are space friendly and user friendly at the same time. Users can select the boxes with appropriate sizes and performance. SuperCloset Categories of Grow structures:

  • Grow Cabinets
  • Grow tents
  • Grow rooms

Grow cabinets from the SuperCloset is the series which is aimed at apartment users who wants to incorporate the system into their limited living space without affecting their personal living. There are many designs under this category and all the designs differ in many aspects and cater to almost all the preferences of the target buyers. Grow Cabinets come with a variety of package for giving the users the ultimate gardening experience according to the taste and preferences of the users. Some of brands which come under this would be Super Box, Superlock, Superstar, Superflower, Deluxe, Supernova, Trinity and Superlocker. Each of these brands differs in their functions according to the plants that they grow. The changes can be selected and analyzed based on the user’s needs from the system.

Grow Tents

Grow tents are larger structures for higher and faster volume of growth. The tents are generally for higher volume produce and the whole products falls under the Gorilla Series. The tents come in the measurements of meters and the each package contain a basic list of components and note that it does not include the hydroponics system. Grow tents or the Gorilla tent is one of the premium brands in the arsenal of Super Closet.

Grow Rooms

Grow Rooms become the main category which deals with massive grow rooms for large volume production of the favorites of the users plants. The grow rooms goes by the name of the Big Buddha Grow boxes which has the potential to raise a large volume of plants. The system which is used in this series is Vertical Ponics which uses the vertical growth patterns which not only increases the yield but also the rate of growth of the plants. The vertical Ponics creates a new and advanced path towards faster and healthier growth of plants.

Now that I have discussed about the categories of products that is provided by SuperCloset I would like to give you in detail the basic components that accompanies a grow box that is perfect for small home hydroponic systems. Small home hydroponics systems are ones which follows the features of space utilization, stealth and effectiveness. SuperCloset has been successful in providing all these features with reasonable cost. The basic components which are included in a basic grow box package are:

  • Slots: A grow box comes with slots for each plants and each box comes with different numbers which can be chosen according to the needs of the user while setting up small home hydroponic systems.
  • Superponics: The system works on the SuperPonics which is SuperCloset’s brand name for their Superponics hydroponic system which is arguably considered one of the best in the industry of Hydroponics with their level of automation and advanced technology.
  • Filters: Filters are very important for giving that stealth feature for these small home hydroponic systems as the filters tend to filter the unnecessary and unpleasant odors and other factors from leaving the chamber into the living space of the user.
  • Air pumps: Air pumps are considered as one of the basic components of the grow box system which is very important in creating that ideal growth environment for the faster and efficient growth of the plants. Air pumps facilitate the movement of air inside the chamber which is very crucial for the plants.
  • Water pump: Grow boxes work on the principle of hydroponics where the water is the main base for the plants to get their nutrients unlike the traditional soil based system. The technological application enables the user to set the required nutrients needed for the plants to get that ultimate growth rate and the required yield.
  • Power Strip: The small home hydroponic system is vulnerable against power surges or lightening strikes which can damage the whole electrical system. The grow box comes with a power strip which is generally of a capacity of 10 sockets. Simple processes like turning on the system can cause electrical imbalances which can lead to electrical surges which can damage the whole system.
  • Hydroponic system: Hydroponic system is a very important aspect of the grow box as the growth of the plants is mainly decided by the efficiency of the hydroponic system which helps in the supply of all that necessary nutrients into the system of the plants. Hydroponics is an emerging field of the gardening or cultivation which has proved to increase the growth and the yield of the plants grown in the system.
  • Trellis system: Trellis system is the small home hydroponic system ensures that all the plants in the system gets the right amount of light and that the plants are not congested. Trellis system is an advanced allotment method used for increasing the yield of the total plants in the system.

Small home hydroponic systems are perfect for people living in apartment spaces which are compact and the user can grow the plants of their preferences with the advanced features provided by SuperCloset. The compactness and the stealth aspects make it the perfect option for users to grow plants inside their apartments. The user also has many variants in the grow box segment which can cater to their specific needs on the number of the plants and the rate that they want it to grow.