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SNS 203 4 oz Pouch 10 pcs

SNS 203 Concentrated Natural Pesticide Soil Drench and Foliage Spray

Pesticides are something that a grower will find it difficult to avoid. Even in the most protected grow areas, there might be a case or two of pest attacks. The common pests are fungi, aphids, thrips and flies. They are minute in size but will have bigger impact on the crops. The SNS 203 is the concentrated natural pesticide soil drench and foliage spray. It is made of herbal extracts of Rosemary and clove. Both the extracts have a strong aroma that repels the pests. It is effective against fungus gnats, root aphids, white flies and shore flies and thrips.

How to use SNS 203 4 oz Pouch 10 pcs

SNS 203 can be used as soil drench or foliar spray. The mixing amounts are different for the two uses. For soil drench, mix 2-4 oz of the SNS 203 in one gallon of water. Now drench the affected and the surrounding areas with this mix. The process may be repeated if necessary.

For a foliar spray, mix 2-6 oz of SNS 203 natural pesticide in 1 gallon of water. Transfer the mix into a sprayable bottle and spray it directly on the leaves and plant parts. Spray it thoroughly until it runs off the leaves. Cover the plant surface thoroughly and uniform for most effects. Repeat the process after 5- 7 days of interval. Later wash the whole surface with soapy water.

Do not spray or apply SNS 203 natural pesticide under direct sunlight or grow light. The heat form the light source may work with the natural oil from the extract can damage the plants than protecting it.

How does SNS 203 work?

SNS 203 natural pesticide is made of clove oil and rosemary oil, along with water, polyglyceryl oleate and lauric acid. These ingredients work together to repel or kill the plant damaging pests that thrive under moist environment and feed on the plants. These pests if left alone may affect rooting and cause root rot. SNS 203 may be used for cuttings to prevent them from the attack of the fungus, bacteria or any other larvae or adult pests.

How is SNS 203 better than other pesticides

Unlike other pesticides, SNS 203 is made from natural resources, the plants. The plant essential oils are not harmful for the plants and will not be part of the chemical content. It does not have any internal effect on the plants like other chemical compositions. The plants are completely safe from SNS 203 natural pesticide.

SNS 203 4 oz Pouch 10 Pcs

SNS 203 is available as 4 oz pouch. A single pouch can be used for single use. Since SNS 203 is not a daily using product a single pack of SNS 203 with 10 pcs can be used for 10-20 soil drenches or 8-20 foliar spray mixings. If the pest attacks are not severe, they may last even longer. Using the SNS 203 natural pesticide at least once during each growth stage will ensure that the plants are protected from the harmful pests all the time.

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