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SNS 209 2.5 oz Pouch (10pcs)

SNS 209 Systemic Pest Control Concentrate

SNS 209 is a barricade between the plants and many insects. The insects often live on the plant cells and suck the plant fluid from the cells. These cells get destroyed eventually causing growth issues for the plants. In order to avoid this situation make use of SNS 209. It is harmless to the plants and is unpleasant for the insects and other parasites. This systemic insect control is made of plant extracts and do not pose any danger to the plants or its produce in any ways. SNS is available as 2.5 oz packs.

How SNS 209 insect control works

The SNS 209 insect control is taken by the plants and the rosmeric acid is delivered to the plant cells. When the invading parasite or insect starts to suck on the plant cells, this rosemeric acid is what they have to taste and not the usual plant fluid. The insects will not get what they expect and leave the plants alone. Once they get this bad taste, according to their standard, they leave this plant all the time and do not make a second attempt. For attaining this feat, the plants need to be fed on with SNS 209 insect control for a few days. Gradually the effect is seen when the insects avoid the plant and look for other victims.

How to use SNS 209 2.5 oz Pouch (10pcs) insect control

Add 2 mL of SNS 209 insect control in every 1 liter of water used for watering in any grow units. Use it as an additional mix with the regular fertilizers or nutrients. use it also as a foliar spray that will keep the insects and mites further away as they will come in direct contact with the unpleasant taste.

SNS 209 insect control is used during the vegetative growth period and flowering stage. Its use must be discontinued two weeks prior to harvest. The SNS 209 insect control will be flushed out naturally from the plants and by the time it is ready for harvest no trace of the SNS 209 insect control will be left behind. If a flushing solution is used as part of the regular drill, the SNS 209 insect control will be completely flushed out of he system.

The benefits of SNS 209 insect control

SNS 209 insect control is a systemic insect control as they will go inside the plants and protect it from top to bottom. The insects will not be able to stay on any part. Other insecticides are sprayed on to the leaves only so the insects may not stay on the plant part that is exposed to the insecticide. Rain and watering methods can play spoilsport for the conventional insecticides. SNS 209 insect control gets taken up by the plants and will have the presence all the time. It is not affected by the rain and will not be diluted in amount or effect. It is safe to use on all types of plants like vegetables and trees.

SNS 209 2.5 oz Pouch 10 pcs

SNS 209 insect control is available as 2.5 oz pouch which are shipped as a single pack with 10 pcs. The pouches are for single use and a single pack of 10 pcs will last for a single harvest cycle and protects the plants from any insect attack to have a healthier yield.

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