SNS 217C Spider Mite Control Concentrate 1 Gallon

Spider mites are considered the most difficult plant affecting insects to deal with. Not all insecticides will have the expected effects on the spider mites. They need some specialized targeted miticides to eradicate them completely. SNS 217C Spider mite control concentrate is one such specialized agent against the spider mites. This product can be used on a wide range of plants to protect them against this lethal insect. It is safe on plants of all stages, even on the delicate young plants and clones. It is 100% natural and made of herbal extracts and completely safe on the plants and can kill the mites and its eggs.spider-mate

Ingredients and usage of SNS 217C Spider Mite Control Concentrate

SNS 217C Spider Mite Control Concentrate is made of rosemary oil, polyglyceryl oleate, lauric acid and water. These ingredients are mixed to form the concentrated liquid that is readily soluble in water to facilitate easy sage on the plants. The mixing quantity is 25 oz of the concentrated solution in one gallon of water used for watering. Warm water is better for mixing. Water should not contain chlorine in it, so better go for distilled or RO water. The mixed solution is ready to use and the unused solution may be stored for using later.

Spray the solution directly on to the leaves and stem parts and try avoiding the buds and flowers as it can burn them. Do not use it while the sun is out or under the grow lights on. One use can make a longer protective period unless there is severe infestation. Using it at an interval of 7-14 days is ideal as maintenance or preventive measure.

How SNS 217C Spider Mite Control Concentrate works

The SNS 217C Spider Mite Control Concentrate contains rosemary oil that will make a protective barrier on the plants where it is applied. This makes the mites to suck on to their system instead of the plant cell fluid. Once it enters the mite’s body, SNS 217C starts destroying the membrane permeability and the cell contents are leaked out, killing them.

Some amount of the SNS 217C is absorbed by the plant cells as well. Here the rosemary oil is capable of making a barrier over the mite eggs, if present inside the plant cell. This layer over the mite eggs makes it difficult to breathe and eventually kills it by drying out.

Advantages of SNS 217C Spider Mite Control Concentrate

SNS 217C Spider Mite Control Concentrate is suitable to use on any kind of plants like herbs, vegetable, fruits or trees. Apple, beets, cabbage, carrot, broccoli, apricot, celery, cauliflower, corn, cherries, peppers, chives, cucumber etc are all protected by the SNS 217C. SNS 217C Spider Mite Control Concentrate is bio degradable and will not be a burden on the earth.

The SNS 217C Spider Mite Control Concentrate 1 gallon bottle can make up to 6 gallons of usable solution. The mixed solution will be usable for 1-2 harvest cycles depending upon the possible infestations.

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