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Flower Stimulator 1 Gallon

SNS 604B Flower Stimulator 1 Gallon

Plants have the natural ability to grow and develop flowers and fruits even with the least amount of available nutrients. It is natural to doubt, why should I use a flower stimulator when I an already feeding the plants. Providing the extra nutrients like the SNS 604B flower stimulator is like giving some extra classes to the brightest student in the class. The plants will show their brightest result with showy flowers with maximum fragrance with more essential oils and capability to support juicy and tasty fruits or vegetables in the end. We take all the efforts to have greater yield so why not provide the plants with some extra?

SNS 604B flower stimulator 1 Gallon – Ingredients

The SNS 604B flower stimulator is a blend made of plant extracts. It contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potash in the right amount and is safe to use as they all are derived from the herbal extracts of Ascophyllum nodosum, Raphanus sativus, Rosmatinus officinalis, and Daucus carota. Molasses is also used as a nutrient source. In addition to these extracts a non plant ingredient- Humic acid from Leonardite is also used in the making of SNS 604B flower stimulator.

Work mechanism of SNS 604B flower stimulator

The SNS 604B flower stimulator helps increase the total nutrient uptake of the plants by facilitating more root development. It also helps on the transportation of this increased nutrient uptake. The chief function of the SNS 604B is to make way for better conversion processes in the biosynthesis of complex aromatic compounds. It improves the metabolic growth for larger flowers, fruit swelling, and more production of the essential oils in both flowers and fruits. Though it is used only in the flowering stage, the initial development of fruits occurs then and the efforts of the SNS 604B flower stimulator are brought about later. SNS 604B is not just a flower stimulator but also a great helping hand in increasing the flavor and color of the flowers and fruits, as well as for better yield.

Usage Directions for SNS 604B flower stimulator

SNS 604B flower stimulator is suitable for use in all types of grow mediums like hydroponics, soil and coco. The recommended dose of this concentrated liquid is one ounce for every gallon of water taken. It can be used along with the other nutrients. Use it with every water change in the hydroponics during budding and flowering stages. The same procedure is applicable for soil and coco for daily usage. SNS 604B flower stimulator can be used as a foliar spray also. Mix ¼ oz of the liquid in one gallon of water and spray it directly on to the leaves 3-5 times a day during the flowering and budding period for best results.
Before using SNS 604B flower stimulator as a foliar spray, use any surfactant to clean the foliage. Always keep the water pH at 6.8 in the hydroponics unit. Warm water helps with faster mixing time.

SNS 604B flower stimulator 1 gallon

The 1 gallon bottle of the SNS 604B flower stimulator is the most economical. The SNS 604B flower stimulator 1 gallon bottle can be used to make about 256 gallons of nutrient solution. In a hydroponics unit the 1 gallon bottle can be used for 2 harvest cycles.

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