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SNS 604B Flower Stimulator 5 Gallon

SNS 604B Flower Stimulator 5 Gallon

Stimulators are used on the plants to nourish it and to propagate new roots. It can be used in all the initial stages of the plant lifecycle. Plants not only requires water, lighting, heat and oxygen for it quality growth and development but also requires the right amount of nutrients and fertilizers to assist their healthy growth in every stage.

There are a number of stimulators available in the market. The SNS 604B Flower Stimulator 5 Gallon is a stimulator that is highly being used by the hydroponic gardeners to increase the yields. This is a product from the Sierra Natural Science and offers high benefits too.

The SNS 604B Flower Stimulator 5 Gallon is an easy to use fertilizer that can be added to your nutrient solution for the roots of the plants to absorb. It is 100% organic as it is made from pure plant extracts. It is also safe to use and is completely water soluble too. It does not have any ill effects on the user or the plants or on anything surrounding it.

Directions of using the SNS 604B Flower Stimulator 5 Gallon:

1. First you have to mix 1 ounce or 28 mL of Hydroponics to per gallon which is 3.79 L. This mixture should be added to the nutrient solutions stored in the reservoir of the hydroponic system. When the water of the reservoir is changed, this mixture should be added again. It is best to provide this fertilizer in the budding and flowering cycle of the plants to get maximum output.

2. Next you have to mix 1 ounce or 28 mL of Soil or Coco to 3.79 L (1gallon). Then this mixture should be applied to the root area of the plants. For best results apply these mixtures daily to the roots during the stages of budding and flowering.

3. Take ¼ ounce or 7 ml of Foliar per gallon ( 3.79L ) and mix these thoroughly. Now spray these mixtures on to the leaves every 3 to 5 days. When this process is repeated during the budding and flowering cycle in 3 to 5 days gap, you will get beautifully grown healthy plants at the end.

4. Make sure that you spray and apply this mixture when they are not in direct contact with sunlight or even the grow lights. This step must be taken very carefully because if it is done wrongly, it may have drastic ill effects on the final output.

5. Also make sure you follow the instructions given of mixing the right amount of everything thoroughly. Too much or too little of any mixture will have negative effects on the plants.

Thus, the SNS 604B Flower Stimulator 5 Gallon is one of the best fertilizers you can give to your plants for its healthy, stronger and faster growth. To order the SNS 604B Flower Stimulator 5 Gallon for the plants grown in your hydroponic system, click on the following link:

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