SunMaster 1000W MH Blue Ice Lamp 5500K

SunMaster Blue Ice lamps are the best choice as grow lights. The SunMaster 1000W MH Blue Ice lamp 5500K are ideal for young plants and seedlings. The vegetative plants growth requires the light spectrum of 5500K. This particular SunMaster MH Blue Ice lamp emits light in the wider spectrum that can successfully imitate the daylight. The MH Blue Ice lamp provides a balanced output in terms of spectrum. It has the blue range that suits and nourishes the seedlings and other young age plants and thus the name Blue Ice lamp. It also helps the plants to be more compact and helps them have the ideal intermodal length.

  • The SunMaster 1000W MH Blue Ice lamp 5500K lamp provides much better PAR watts than many other types of HID lamps. The PAR watts given by this lamp are 350 which is a good amount of light energy available for the photosynthesis.
  • The 1000W lamp emits maximum intensity that reaches all parts of the plants and also in equal quantity.
  • The Blue Ice lamps are compatible with most electronic ballasts.
  • The SunMaster 1000W MH Blue Ice lamp 5500K encourages better growth for the plants to develop green leaves and strong branches as well.
  • SunMaster MH Blue Ice lamps can be used for both vegetative growth and flowering stage. It is better suitable for vegetative growth and seedlings.
  • SunMaster MH Blue Ice lamps have better lifespan and can run up to 10,000 hours on an average which is more than HPS lights. But for better results it is advisable to replace it every 5 months. It is not that the life span is over by that time, but that the light intensity will gradually reduce over the period of time and an average use of 18 hours a day.
  • It is much better cost effective than other grow lights and is also easy to install.
  • SunMaster 1000 W MH Blue Ice lamps 5500K are apt for leafy vegetables and herbs.
  • It is sutable for the grow boxes with only one light.
  • A single SunMaster 1000 W MH Blue Ice lamp will emit more lumens or brightness, 65-115 lumens, than an incandescent light.
  • The light spectrum from the SunMaster 1000 W MH Blue Ice lamp is 5500 Kelvin units. It is higher when compared to other light formats and is better. The higher the Kelvin value better the grow light is. The higher Kelvin value also ensures greater crops.
  • The flexibility in the use of SunMaster 1000 W MH Blue Ice lamp makes it favorite among small scale growers. It suits almost all types of crops.
  • It emits light that is white in color but have more concentration in the blue spectrum but does not shows it.

SunMaster is one of the leading brands for quality grow lights. The SunMaster 1000W MH Blue Ice lamp 5500K is the biggest available in the Blue Ice category as it is also available in the 400 W. A larger grow area will require more intense light which this MH Blue Ice can easily supply.