SunMaster 1000W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp Review

The SunMaster 1000W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp (Pulse start) can play the perfect partner for your grow tent providing the much required lumens without over heating your plants.SunMaster-1000W-MH

As it says in the name, the product from Sunmaster is a 1000w MH grow lamp that delivers 6000K (kelvin) that in every way re-enacts the natural look of daylight. Here I quote some of the best features of SunMaster 1000W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp (Pulse start).

  • Is a pulse start lamp that works best with any electronic or pulse start ballasts only. The pulse start technology is not quite new but has been in the market for years. It usually comes in low wattages of MH bulbs.
  • Delivers a full spectrum which covers all area of your grow tent without leaving any hot spots (i.e. areas where grow lights do not reach leaving the plants without any proper growth)
  • With SunMaster 1000W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp (Pulse start), you will have a better lamp life of over 50% than normal grow lamps.
  • These lamps come with less warm up time and quick starting when they are cold. The MH pulse start grow lamps can deliver more lumens upto 33% than any other grow lamps in the market.
  • The SunMaster 1000W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp (Pulse start) comes with high amount of color temperature (6000K) that emits good amount of blue light to the plants. There are lesser color temperatures available in the market which spreads red/orange light. These light rays help in different stages of plant growth. For instance, low K helps in blooming/flowering stages while high K grow lamps gives a helping hand to the plants during chlorophyll production. This will enable in proper photosynthesis that will give you crisp and luscious leaves.
  • A single grow lamp is only enough to provide optimum yields in your grow tent. An average SunMaster 1000W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp (Pulse start) works for a lifespan of 5,000 hours.

Bottomline, the grow lamp from Dealzer gives you best qualities without compromising on quality. If you want a perfect grow lamp solution for your grow room, here lies the solution. You need not look anymore.