SunMaster 1000W MH Red Sunrise Lamp 3200K “Base Up”

Grow lights from SunMaster are of better quality that supplies richer, more nutritious, and healthier light. The SunMaster 1000W MH Red Sunrise Lamp 3200K Base Up light emits balanced light with enough intensity that is needed for a bigger grow area. The 1000W bulb is usually used for a bigger area that needs more intense light to reach all the plant parts at every nook and corner. The resultant light is most useful that the plants grow better and faster so calling it nutritious for plants will not be incorrect. It can be used on any electronic ballast and has longer life span and also more economical.

SunMaster 1000W MH Red Sunrise Lamp 3200K Base Up

The SunMaster 1000W MH Red Sunrise Lamp 3200K Base Up provides the perfect light balance for the plants to use and the is near 3200 Kelvin values. The light emitted is ideal for all the plants growth stages from seedlings till harvesting. A single lamp is useful till the end and there is no need to change in between. The blue area of the light spectrum is useful for the younger stages and the orange-red portion makes the vegetative growth easier. With better stem elongation and ability to promote flowering, the grower can be at ease when using SunMaster 1000W MH Red Sunrise lamp.

PAR watts of SunMaster MH Red Sunrise Lamp

The PAR is the short form of photo synthetically active radiation. The light from its source travels as radiation or rays. The plants utilize only selected rays for photosynthesis. When these useful rays are more in amount the better will be the growth of it. more PAR denotes that the lamp is much better. The PAR watts of SunMaster 1000W MH Red Sunrise lamp is higher than many other types of HID lights. Thus, it results in more photosynthesis to promote faster growth and ncrease in the yield.

Base up

The SunMaster 1000W MH Red Sunrise Lamp 3200K Base Up, as the name suggest can be fixed as base up. It cannot be fixed in any way the grower prefers but has a fixed position. Most other lights may be fixed, vertically or horizontally but the SunMaster 1000W MH Red Sunrise Lamp 3200K Base Up can be fixed as their base up in the socket and the lamp will be like hanging.

The Metal Halide part

Usually the metal halide lamps are beneficial but do not produce that much usable light but the MH lamps from the SunMaster is made with special technology of blending the metals and halides that can provide more useful light energy that reaches the plants. The usefulness is the above mentioned PAR where the light falls under the plant absorbable light energy category. The technology used in the SunMaster 1000W MH Red Sunrise Lamp 3200K Base Up is unique and versatile on its own and is more flexible than most other metal halide lamps. Among the artificial lights that imitate sunlight this one stands alone and also emerge as a winner, when measuring the success.