SunMaster 400W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp (Pulse start)

Grow lights for indoor gardening are available in many sizes and wattages. The more the wattage the more is the intensity of the light is the common belief. In order to increase the intensity there are additional reflectors and reflective interiors of the grow cabinets or tents. Most of the time, the grow lights used are different for the seedling or propagation and vegetative or flowering stages. Rarely do we find grow lights that can be used for the entire life cycle of the plants. These kinds of lights supply a full spectrum light that is clearly a carbon copy of the light provided by the sun. The SunMaster 400W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp (Pulse start) is one such grow light that is enough for all growth stages. It emits the light that is about 6000 Kelvin from the 400 W bulb.

The SunMaster 400W metal halide Full Nova bulb is considered one of the best lamps that can provide better measurement of the overall light energy that is accessible for photosynthesis by the plants. The bulb is one sided and is optimized for using in most of the electronic ballasts. It promotes faster growth by providing the most available light and increase in the photosynthesis rate without any compromise with the inputs. The bulb, though one sided, can be placed in any way preferred, vertical or horizontal.

SunMaster 400W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp (Pulse start)

SunMaster 400 W Full Nova 6000K lamps have the best feature in its pulse start. Usually the grow lights take three electric consumption’s to get started and that too without any ignition. They also take time and power to restart in case the power is off in between. But with the SunMaster 400W MH Full Nova lamp with its pulse start facility there is only two contacts to get started up and ignites the igniter in the ballast pod. The difference lies in the ballast system. This facility in the SunMaster Full Nova pulse start lamp uses lesser power and remains lit for a longer while than the traditional grow light bulbs. The life period of these bulbs are 15,000 hours.

The benefits of SunMaster 400W MH Full Nova 6000L lamp and its pulse-start facility

  • Endures long: The endurance of the bulb will be 50% longer life with additional reduction in the maintenance and replacement cost.
  • More Efficient: The SunMaster 400W MH Full Nova lamp has 24% more lumens per watt that saves both energy and cash.
  • Rapid: The SunMaster 400W MH Full Nova lamp takes less time- almost half- than others to re-light once it is shut down.
  • Better Color for long time: The bright color of the light is retained even after hours of usage and the light and color is still superior and stable.
  • Uniformity: The light provided is always of uniform nature and there will no ups and downs with regard to the distance from the source at any time. The color of the light is the same to all distances.
  • Quick Start: The SunMaster 400W MH Full Nova 6000K lamp takes only 2 to 4 minutes to come to its full brightness than other grow lights that usually takes 5 to 10 minutes.