SunMaster 600W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp (Pulse start)

Set a quality standard for your plants with SunMaster 600W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp (Pulse start) that delivers optimum lumens in your grow room/tent without leaving any hot spots. LED plant lights are an essential component of hydroponics system as well as for plants grown in grow boxes or cabinets.

We all know how vital lights are for your plants. From these lights, the plants get the energy that enables many features such as proper germination, photosynthesis, efficient supply of nutrients, maintaining brix levels etc. and many more.

MH grow lamps (grow lights) emit around 5500 – 6000K that is a complete replica of daylight. The plants in the grow system can utilize this light for proper photosynthesis and keep themselves fresh and crispy all the time. This makes the germinating and the flowering stage of plants easy that can help in early maturity of plants.

The SunMaster 600W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp (Pulse start) comes with a lot of features. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Since it has a higher K (kelvin), it emits focused concentration of blue light. This will help in proper stimulation of plant growth that will definitely be seen in the yield production. For instance, low K will help in blooming or flowering stages while higher K rays will help in production of chlorophyll which can be seen in dark green leaves that is definitely appealing to the visual as well as your taste buds.
  • The lumens recreate the sunlight which delivers a full spectrum to all corner of your grow tent which makes your flowers giggle while they blossom happily.
  • The pulse start is a prominent feature of the SunMaster 600W MH Full Nova 6000K Lamp. The feature helps in providing immense lumens and prolonged maintenance. This pulse start helps the lamp to deliver more lumens, faster start up, rapid warm up times etc. and many more.

Bottomline, a single lamp SunMaster 600W MH Full Nova 6000K is enough to provide a complete spectrum to your room. It works greatly with electronic ballasts that prevents any overload and gives you a good life to your lamp.