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You, referring to this page means you want to start with indoor gardening using automated hydroponic systems. Correct? Then you are at the right place. SuperCloset is the world’s leading manufacturer of hydroponic systems for indoor gardening.

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Being the industry leader for more than 10 years, even today SuperCloset is constantly putting efforts to develop innovative technologies to make their already successful systems more unique. SuperCloset Hydroponic Systems are designed to be used for beginners as well as experts. Read more to understand the details of SuperCloset Hydroponic Systems, its set up and Reviews.

Supercloset Hydroponic System Setup

Hydroponic system allows you to grow plants, from seeds or clones to a juicy delicious fruit, vegetable or flower producing plant. The plants in hydroponic system can also grow and produce without soil. Unlike other companies SuperCloset uses superponic system which is a combination of two or more proven hydroponic systems into one high performing system that generates unparalleled yields. These systems are easy to use and fully automated that grows up to 2-5x quicker and larger plants.

Remember hydroponic system is the heart and soul of your setup. Many other systems available in the market are of inferior quality that can slowdown plant growth, can cause root rot, may produce poor quality harvest, or are frequently difficult to use. So if you want to grow the best and yield maximum, start with the industry and market leaders.

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Supercloset Hydroponic System Reviews

There are several types of hydroponic systems that are used by companies to build the best set up. However, the Hydroponic System Reviews will help you to decide and make you agree that SuperCloset offers the best hydroponic systems.

The types of hydroponic systems include Ebb & flow hydroponics system, top feed drip technique, aeroponic, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and DWC. Many other companies use either of these techniques in their set up whereas SuperCloset uses superponic method. Superponic is a fusion of proven hydroponic systems into one system that drastically helps improve plant growth, offers low maintenance and additionally provides safety to you and your plants. Just to illustrate, a combination of top feed, DWC, and aeroponics in SuperCloset grow boxes allow faster, easier, larger and safer plant growth.

One more thing to consider in the Supercloset reviews of the Hydroponic System is that they have been the best regarding the reputation, design and background of the company. SuperCloset hydroponic systems are designed by professionals who are continuously involved into developing new ways to not only to meet but exceed the industry standards of performance. For more than 10 years track record of the company displays evidence of all its systems superior performance. The output from SuperCloset designs are very well documented and demonstrated in public vide pictures and videos in print media, web pages and other publications. SuperCloset’s product line includes grow box, grow cabinet, grow tent and grow rooms in various size for you to select from.

Another point to note in the SuperCloset Hydroponic System Reviews is the additional features that SuperCloset offers you. All its products are Infra Cool, powder coated black, triple locking that are designed to perfectly blend into your home. With the nice and clean outer appearance, it will look like furniture in your house.

Complete Automation – The SuperCloset hydroponic system comes with everything you need to start growing right away. Its fully automation feature and timers assures you that your plants safely grows that requires minimal maintenance. If you are even new to growing and harvesting, don’t worry it is easy to use and gives you maximum yield.

Digital Dimmable ballasts – SuperCloset hydroponic system provides you with well known most reliable and effective ballasts in the industry. These ballasts offer you to operate light(s) at 50%, 75%, 100%, or even 110% SuperLumens settings that minimize electrical consumption and maximize your yields.

Phresh Carbon Filters – Many growers appreciate in their supercloset reviews the insertion of special carbon charcoal fitting that eliminates unwanted odors and provides you fair growing environment in and around the set up.

Trellis system – A trellising system improves yields up to 40% and also maximizes quality. Trellises play an important role in supporting, separating and training plants to create equal spacing from each other. Trellises assist in nice and even canopy formation that ensures even light distribution and absorption for each and everyl plant.

ActiveAir Internal Circulation Fans – The correctly sized and located internal circulation fans are essential for air circulation within the product. SuperCloset air circulation fans provides perfect growing environment that eliminates mold or mildew and minimizes potential bug problems.

Safety GFCI and Safe Electrical hookups – Indoor plant cultivation requires safety first. Water and electronic device comes in contact with each other in your grow box creating hazardous situation for you and your plants. However, with proper ground fault plug-ins, safety electrical power boxes, and proper electrical cords and utilizing one or more electrical outlets, you get a safe, stress free environment to grow.

TDS Nutrient Meter, Nutrients, PH Kit – Not just the basic but actually all components are included for you. A TDS digital nutrient meter helps you to know the exact strength of your hydroponic solution. Few beginners in their supercloset reviews praise the addition of pH testing kit that assists them to know the pH. This is a tricky portion for beginners where they have a good responsibility of knowing how the product works and the fact that they are totally new to the arena. TechnaFlora Recipe for Success Nutrients includes several types of nutrients your plant will require at various growth stages along with mixing chart instructions.

In SuperCloset hydroponic system reviews, it is most important to note the support services and warranty the company offers. All SuperCloset products have a 3 year warranty on all the parts and components except bulbs. Additionally you get a lifetime customer, technical and grow support.

During SuperCloset hydroponic system reviews, you should also consider the company’s awards and accreditations. SuperCloset hydroponic system is accredited with “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau and this offers you the confidence to buy the product. In addition, several awards like Best Cabinet of the Year award in 2008, Best Overall System in 2009, and Best Budget Grow Box for 2010 have been awarded to SuperCloset.

Finally, in the SuperCloset hydroponic system reviews, the briefing of users’ testimonies will clear all your doubts. One user says that his hydroponic system fits nicely in the corner of his laundry room, and can be left alone for a week to take a trip and this gives him just a few but good reasons to love this system. He has using it for about a year and loves it as it flawlessly and rightly fulfills his needs. Another user states that if you are interested in a state-of-the-art growing environment with maximum yield for your investment then SuperCloset is for you and you will not find a better hydroponic system ever. Even for new growers the SuperCloset product with hydroponic system reviews proved to be a easy to grow machine that provided them with maximum possible yield. Furthermore, in the hydroponic systems review, almost all its users are satisfied with SuperCloset products and own more than one or are planning to buy another in near future. This summarizes the agreement of its satisfied customers and SuperCloset hydroponic system is highly recommended.


I am sure that after getting such in depth understanding on SuperCloset hydroponic system reviews, you have finalized your decision. Start with SuperCloset which is one of the best and get easier, faster, larger and safer plant growth with optimum yields.