Big Buddha Box 9′ x 9′ Vertical Grow Room

Hydroponics shops, like the SuperCloset provide everything we would need to start a hydroponic system at our homes. It is an online brand that has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. It has a 3 year warranty on all the parts and there is also lifetime customer, technical and grow support. There are several accessories for the hydroponics systems that could enhance the growth of the plants a great deal. Hydroponics is basically the system of growing plants without soil and in mineral nutrient solution, etc.


Things we should look for in the SuperCloset Hydroponics shop.

Automation: The system comes ready to use and has every component you would need to start growing the plants at once. Almost everything can be set to timers, giving the grower very little to worry about and very little maintenance. Even without much experience in growing plants, you can achieve immense yield when using this.

TDS Nutrient meter, nutrients, pH kit: The TDS meter will tell the amount of total dissolved solvents and show how strong the hydroponic solution is. The pH kit will tell the pH of the solution. There is also a full line of TechnaFlora Success Nutrients for the growth of the plants. A manual is included which explains the use of the components.

Phresh Carbon Filters: A neutral air, suitable for the growing environment is provided by the exclusive carbon charcoal fitting that can remove the unwanted odors. This is provided by the Phresh filters in the SuperCloset and are the best available in the market for large grow rooms.

Trellis system: The trellising is a method that can increase the yields upto 40% ans also extent the quality of the produce. Their function is to support, partition and to train the plants to share space with other plants. Using the trellises, an even canopy is formed, with proper light distribution and absorption for each of the plants.

Active Air Internal Circulation Fans: The air inside the cabinets are moved around properly by these fans. Hay are of the right size and are spaced correctly. This is an important step in removing mold, mildew and bugs. These fans are not noise like the fans that are usually available in these systems. There are also Hurricane inline fans which are made of steel of commercial grade for high performance. They have a powder coated finish for longevity and are made with quality UL listed components that provide a quite and reliable function.

Safety GFCI and Safe electrical hookups: There are ground fault plug ins, safety electrical power boxes and correct electrical cords, though you will have to use one or more electrical outlets. Safety is important when you are using an electrical unit with so much water in it.

The SuperCloset is the place you should be looking if you are buying a hydroponics system for best and easy results.