Supercloset Grow Cabinet

Supercloset is the known name in the industry for its automated hydroponic supplies. It is famous for constantly searching for new ways to create their already successful supplies. VerticalPonics is one of those innovative methods. VerticalPonics is a term used for the combination of SuperCloset vertical hydroponic system with its SuperPonics technology.

The Vertical Hydroponic Supplies allows vertical plants growth using the superponic system. The Big Buddha box offered by SuperCloset includes vertical hydroponic supplies for easier and faster plant growth. SuperCloset’s Vertical Hydroponic Supplies features allows plant growth up to 5 times larger and better yields per watt/per square foot than any other horizontal traditional growing method.

Supercloset Vertical Hydroponic Supplies features the following:

More Growing Space Means Increased Yield per Watt/Per Square Foot

Vertical hydroponic supplies features ability to yield not only double but increased four folds per watt/per square foot than other traditional growing methods. VerticalPonics converts your one grow room into four by making the plants grow right from the floor to the 4 walls. Just to illustrate, you can turn an 8′ x 8′ growing area i.e. 64 sq. ft. into four vertical growing walls each 4′ x 6′ i.e. 24 sq. ft. Adding to a mind boggling 120 sq. ft. of usable growing space.

With this more than doubled growing space, you also become able to grow 5x faster plants using automated SuperPonic supplies. VerticalPonics is gaining momentum these days as it is the complete source to get larger and better yields per watt/per square foot. With Vertical Hydroponics supplies 8′ x 8′ growing area can produce up to 8 – 20 pounds of fruits and vegetables, and dried herbs or flowers up to 4 –7 pounds.

No Height Restriction but Increased Quality and Quantity

The question may arise in your mind regarding plant height. You may think that the plant height growth will be restricted due to the tray placed just above it. However, the answer is big No. It is a common myth that plants grow upwards. In reality, plants grow towards the light source. Generally, lights are placed above the plants in most of the products available in the market. While Vertical Hydroponics supplies features the lights at the center of the growing area, and plants will grow inward at a 45 degree angle. The 4 vertical net trellises support your plants to reach towards the light. The perfect trellising system can increase yields up to 30% and also improve quality. Hence, net trellises features, escalated steadiness, thickness, and yields from your plants.

Your plants will grow a full 3′ in height as they are provided with perfect light distribution from top to bottom. With SuperCloset Vertical Hydroponic supplies all your plants will produce more yields. The final outcome will be all 4 walls full of dense plants that mean increased quality and quantity.

Plant Growth Capacity and Time Taken Per Cycle

The Supercloset Vertical Hydroponic supplies can grow up to whooping 78 plants in big Buddha box. Wow!! With this feature you can get a small dense forest of your own! The SuperPonics’s ebb n’ flow & aeroponics system assists plants growth up to 2 times quicker than other single hydroponics method, and up to 5 times quicker than soil.

The average time taken per cycle with vertical hydroponic is most commonly the same as traditional systems, but the yields are much much superior.

Air Flow and Watering System

The Supercloset Vertical Hydroponic supplies features an 80w Air Pump in its big Buddha box. This is just right for supplying oxygen to the VerticalPonics System. The 80w air pump is easy to use without oil or making much noise.

Supercloset Vertical Hydroponic supplies features a water pump that is light weighted, small sized and works without much noise that is perfect for VerticalPonics. The submersible pump easily supplies water from the reservoir all through the system. One 70 gallon reservoir is efficient enough to water 120 sq. ft. of growing area. This water reservoir is a backup for water supply and enables the critical Ebb & Flow/ aeroponics system for success of VerticalPonics. For full automation of the system you can set the timers or it can also be manually adjusted.

Lighting system

The SuperCool Lighting Cool Tube is located vertically at the center. This allows utilizing 360 degree of bulb outputs, thus offering maximum efficiency and utmost light penetration. Its design is best suitable in VerticalPonics with built in in-line fan. This maintains temperatures at safe levels and gives ideal environment for you and your plants to thrive.

Supercloset Vertical hydroponic grow system is superior to horizontal traditional hydroponic system for the features as mentioned above. But the limitation you find with vertical system is the plant height growth. If you really wish for large plants more than 3’ in height then vertical hydroponic supplies may not be the correct choice for you. However, the quantity, quality and yield are unbeatable.