20-Site Super Flow Hydroponic Grow System

The motto behind indoor gardening is “more for less.” To live this motto the best and practical option is the Superflow Aeroponics unit. This is compact but can hold more number of plants that can freely grow quite higher as long as it wants to. It is more than just convenience and provides more support to the plants to grow higher and the root system is firm where it grows.

Hydroponics and aeroponics are techniques of growing plants without soil. Both have their benefits and incorporating them together gives even better results. This is exactly what Superflow aeroponics system has done. They results not just in faster plant growth but larger plants also.

Features of Superflow aeroponics hydroponics unit

Comes fully equipped with 4 adjustable trays, 25 gallon reservoir that is UV stable, food grade plastic container; air pump, water pump, nutrient kit etc. The air pump and water pumps are efficient to work without much noise or use of oil or grease. The trays can hold 5 or 8 plants in them. The plant supports like the pellets, rock-wool cubes and slabs are also provided.


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Adjustable trays of Superflow aeroponics hydroponics

The grow trays are flexible and adjustable. They can be moved forward or backward and also to the sides. This adjustment helps in avoiding crowding of the plants as they grow larger. The trays have lids that are snap-closed to secure and avoid mishaps. A drain valve and tube are also attached, which makes easy maintenance and cleaning when needed. The trays can hold wider net cups that are large enough to hold plants that grows up to 4-5 ft in height.

Non-clogging of Superflow aeroponics hydroponics system

The Superflow aeroponics system trays have larger diameter tubes that allow space inside. This helps to use thicker nutrients that usually clog the inner surfaces in other types. Clogging is a big problem with aeroponics units. In aeroponics, the nutrients are directly sprayed on to the plant roots so the nutrients used are usually thicker which can clog the small tubes. But in Superflow aeroponics system the tubes are larger to accommodate the thicker nutrients. Clogging usually is a disaster that can over exert the pump and cause them to fail. But this is not the case with Superflow aeroponics system.

Multi technology of the Superflow aeroponics hydroponics system

Superflow aeroponics system uses not just one but three different types of watering technologies. The use of three types of watering technology is a benefit in case one fails to perform; there are the other two types for the backup. Failure in one does not affect the plant growth. The plants need nutrition to grow and the nutrition is provided by the other technologies. In any case the roots are in constant touch with the nutrients.

  • NFT is the Nutrient Film Technique where a thin film of water flows through the roots feeding them. This film runs for a while and then recedes. The same is repeated at regular intervals. In the case of Superflow aeroponics the timing will be in between when the other two techniques are taking rest.
  • Ebb n flow is to flood the root system of the growing plants with nutrient rich water. The nutrient rich water floods for a specified period of time and then goes back to the reservoir.
  • Aeroponics is to have nutrient rich water sprayed on to the growing roots. The spray makes a nutrient mist over the roots. This way the nutrients are supplied to the roots rather than make the roots find them. This is the feature that helps higher yield by the Superflow aeroponics system.

Most important is to have oxygen supplied to the plant roots. The same is done by the air pump that bubbles up the water around the roots and when the bubbles burst the oxygen is released into the space around the roots. This is very important as neither NFT nor the ebb n flow techniques provide any oxygen. Aeroponics does have oxygenated air but that is not sufficient for the plants as it is just one of the methods used.

Types of Superflow Aeroponics Hydroponics Systems

  • 20 site Superflow systems will have 4 adjustable trays that can hold 5 plants each in them. The trays will have one leg each to support on the floor while the other end will be attached to the reservoir. The trays are 47.5 x 29 x 17 inches in size.
  • 26 site Superflow aeroponics system will have two trays with 5 plant capacity and two having 8 plant sites. The size measures like 63.5 x 29 x 17 inches.
  • 32 site systems have 4 trays with 8 plant capacity. The trays are sturdy enough to hold 8 large plants growing on them. The size of the trays will be 78 x 36 x 17 inches.

Benefits of Superflow Aeroponics Hydroponics

Aeroponics itself is superior to hydroponics units. Many have the notion that hydroponics and aeroponics are one and the same. But the only common feature in both is the use of water as the medium. But in aeroponics, the nutrient water is sprayed or made into aerated form for the plants. This makes the nutrient availability easier. The plants no longer will have to seek or compete for the nutrients. The benefits of using Superflow aeroponics system for indoor gardening are,

  • Environment friendly: The utilization of hydroponics and aeroponics techniques in one makes it more eco friendly. Lesser water is used for the plant nutrition and the same water is recycled to use again. Unlike in other superponics systems, the use of aeroponics uses lesser water. Since the water is sprayed, too much water is not needed. Aeroponics uses half the water than the other hydroponics techniques. Since the water is inside the closed lid, there is lesser moisture around for the microbes or molds to grow, which means less pesticides or other chemicals usage. It also results in clean plants and yield.
  • Better oxygen availability: Using aeroponics techniques is an added advantage for oxygen supply. When the nutrient water is sprayed, a good amount of oxygen is also sprayed at the roots. The other hydroponics techniques will have to rely on an oxygen generator. Aeroponics technology is a 2 in 1 technique where the roots are supplied with both nutrients and oxygen needed.
  • More energy for the plants: The bigger diameter of the tubes allow good root growth. Here in the Superflow aeroponics system or the hydroponics system does not require to have deep rooted plants. The purpose of deep rooting is firm support into the ground to support the higher plants and also for better nutrient finding. With the Superflow aeroponics system, the nutrients are fed on to the roots and they don’t have to go farther to find them. The rooting takes a good portion of the plant energy. When there is lesser need for complicated rooting, the plants will have more energy for growing. All the energy available can be utilized for plant growth. Plants do not compete for nutrients. The fight for nutrients also takes up energy and that energy also can be used for better purposes as the nutrients are readily available and the roots do not have to look for them.
  • Faster and higher yield: The ready availability of the nutrients helps in faster growth. The firm holds of the net cups that supports even higher plants makes way for higher plants that can yield more than normal. The yield when using aeroponics is much better than using only hydroponics. When the plants no longer have to fight diseases or compete for nutrients they can concentrate only on growth, which happens faster.
  • Flexibility of the trays allows separation of the growing plants. When the plants do not crowd each other they can provide better yield. Non crowding plants get better aeration and space to grow bigger. Those plants can grow higher and wider without hassle. This is what the flexible trays of Superflow aeroponics system provide.

Superflow= Hydroponics + Aeroponics = Bigger Plants

If we look at the mathematics of the yield, we will see that growing plants with hydroponics provide 40% extra growth and yield. Aeroponics technique itself can have 40% faster growth than hydroponics. When the hydroponics and aeroponics are combined together, we get the faster growth than hydroponics and also can have higher plants that is usually a trade mark for the aeroponics systems. Superflow systems utilize this combination effectively to have faster and higher yield at an economical rate.


As the Superflow aeroponics hydroponics systems claim, one can easily have easier and best yield that is fastest, biggest, and highest by all means. The system is simple and easier to handle and can fit into any grow tent. With proper maintenance and regular water changing, checking the pH and nutrient level, it is no rocket science to have higher yield in no time in any season of a year. The system uses lesser power and saves bigger in addition to water and nutrient savings. The package comes with the perfect recipe for gardening success. All the nutrient ingredients are there in the pack. A mixing chart is also provided so there are no confusions. The nutrients are for cloning, growing and flowering stages.