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SupHerb Herb Dryer HerbDryer-Bundle

The best method to dry plants is to hang it vertically and the SupHerb Herb Dryer is the first vertical herb dryer introduced in the gardening industry. It comes in the shape of a cupboard which is easy to work with and provides efficient results. That is, you will get quality plants dried in the shortest drying time possible.

Features of the SupHerb Herb Dryer

  • Vertical Placement – The plants are hung for drying inside the SupHerb Herb Dryer vertically. The benefit of hanging it vertically is that the water and nutrients stored in the roots are allowed to trickle down to the flowers and fruits of the plants. This helps in improving the overall quality, look, smell and flavor of the fruits and flowers.
  • Drying Time – The estimated drying time of the SupHerb Herb Dryer is 5 to 8 days. The apt timing is set as too fast and too slow drying can have negative effects on the plants. That is, if the plants are dried too fast then the exterior of the plants will be crisp and dehydrated and the interior of the plants will be damp and moist. Similarly too slow drying causes the plants to be prone to attacks from mold and mildew.
  • Steel Cabinets – The SupHerb Herb Dryer is designed and constructed with steel cabinets. The steel cabinets not only provide durability to the Herb Dryer but also protect the inside from extreme weather conditions.
  • Fans – There are two fans installed in the SupHerb Herb Dryer. The exhaust fan is used for the circulation of good air and for the removal of bad air. It also reduces the unpleasant smell created by the plants. The second fan is used for regulating the temperature and airflow. It also provides consistency in the drying time used between the plants.
  • Wooden Paneling – The SupHerb Herb Dryer also has a Wooden Paneling of Mahogany on one side and Pine on the other side. They help to resist externals attacks from mold, mildew, rot, humidity and so on.
  • Thermometer / Hydrometer – The SupHerb Herb Dryer also has a thermometer/hydrometer where you can set the temperature level and control the level of humidity. It also helps you to set the time for the exhaust fan.

Specifications of the SupHerb Herb Dryer

  • Dimensions – The SupHerb Herb Dryer has the dimension of 3 x 2 x 6 in terms of width, depth and height.
  • Weight – The SupHerb Herb Dryer weighs around 100 pounds and the shipping weight will be little more extra.
  • Limit – There is a capacity to house in and dry 24 plants in this SupHerb Herb Dryer.
  • Time estimate – It takes around 5 to 8 days time to dry the plants when the SupHerb Herb Dryer is full of plants.
  • Power – The SupHerb Herb Dryer requires power wattage of 50 watts.

To place an order for the SupHerb Herb Dryer to dry your plants, click on the following link: http://www.dealzer.com/supherb-herb-dryer-132.html

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SupHerb Herb Dryer HerbDryer-Bundle
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