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LuxStar6 4′ T5 Fluorescent Light (Grow Bulbs)

Lighting is a crucial factor that affects the healthy growth of the plants. The plants need to absorb different spectrum of lighting during its different stages of life cycle. This will lead to quality plant growth. For plants grown indoors and inside the hydroponics system, the supply of natural light is limited. So in these cases the artificial lighting should be provided to all the plants inside the grow system.

The T5 Grow Lights is a type of grow light which is beneficial and economical grow light in all aspects. This is an ideal lighting system for larger operations too.

Benefits of the T5 Grow Lights are:

1. Specifications – The T5 Grow Lights has a diameter of 5 to 8 inches. These grow lights are filled gases which produce and emit light when the electricity is passed through them. But the T5 Grow Lights does not require much electricity to perform its function.

2. Durable – The T5 Grow Lights are known to have a long lasting durable light. You do not have to worry about replacing the grow lights every now and then. Also, you can be ensured of even performance throughout the bulb life of the T5 Grow Lights. The performance of the grow light will not degrade over time.

3. Capacity – The T5 Grow Lights has the capacity to last for about 20,000 hours or even more. This depends on your usage. But if your use it indiscriminately, there are chances it will last less than 20,000 hours.

4. Performance – High quality performance is given by the T5 Grow Lights throughout its whole life. Efficient and effective performance is guaranteed by the grow lights of T5. You will also get healthier and stronger produce.

5. Lumen Production – The T5 Grow Lights produces around 100 lumens per watt and is the best when compared to other lighting systems.

6. Less Energy Consumption – Very less amount of energy is consumed without compromising on the amount of light emitted and also on the quality.

7. Less Heat Production – The biggest benefit of the T5 Grow Lights is that it produces only less heat even though it emits huge amount of light. Less heat production has dual effects. The first effect is that with the production of less heat there is less requirement of the circulation fans and other cooling devices. The second effect is on the plants. Too much of heat damages the plants and hinders the quality growth of them but this problem can be avoided using the T5 Grow Lights inside your hydroponic grow system. Because of the low heat output, there are no issues in keeping the grow lights close to the plants.

8. Spacious – As mentioned above, the T5 Grow Lights produces only very little heat. This eliminates the need for extra cooling equipments thereby providing a lot of space inside the hydroponic grow system. For the grow rooms and grow tents, using the T5 Grow Lights is the best as they will give space for the gardeners to move around inside the grow room or tent.

9. Light Exposure – Since the T5 Grow Lights is placed right above the plants, all the parts of the plants get maximum exposure to the lighting. It is best to keep the grow lights in a distance of 2 inches to 6 inches away from your plants. The T5 Grow Lights also provides even distribution of light throughout the grow system to all the plants Especially during the initial stages, proper lighting is very essential as the plants need to grow strong from its roots. Focused light penetration is also provided by the T5 Grow Lights.

10. Effective and efficient – A very smooth, effective and efficient mode of operation is provided by the T5 Grow Lights. Maximum utilization of the light emitted from these grow lights is done with no wastage of light. The T5 Grow Lights are proven to be more efficient than the T8 Grow Lights and T12 Grow Lights.

The T5 Grow Lights are also available in two more forms. That is, the T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights and T5 LED Grow Lights. The T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights also has a lumen capacity of 100 lm/w and they are cheaper, promotes higher yields and produces less heat. The T5 LED Grow Lights provides a long term lighting solution inside the hydroponic grow systems. They are improved versions of the T6 and T12 version of the T5 LED Grow Lights.

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