These Great Ideas Will Help You To Assemble A Hydroponic System At Your Home – For Vertical Gardening, Indoor Gardening Or Outdoor Gardening

Growing plants with hydroponics has become popular among the apartment gardeners as it is easy to assemble and manage them. You don’t have to mess up with the soil and get dirty. A mineral-rich solution based gardening that is useful for growing plants outside their native habitat indoors – this is what makes hydroponics gardening the best in the gardening industry.


The following ideas will inspire you to set up hydroponics system at your home

Homemade Hydroponic System

Just that you grew plant successfully isn’t enough at all, it’s got to be affordable too, or else whats the point in growing an expensive veggie at your home. With homemade hydroponic system, you can grow your produce at your own home with less money. To set up a hydroponic system at your home, you just need few things in your hand – growing tray, reservoir, submersible pump, nutrient solution, simple timer, air pump and grow lights. How you need to set up is given in this url with pictures. Please check here.

Zig Zag Hydroponic System

What if I say that you could grow 30-50 thriving full grown plants in about 1 meter square? Would you believe me? Well, you should, coz zig zag hydroponic systems are going to help you do this. With zig zag hydroponic systems, you can grow up to 3 smaller plants per pot, which in turn increases your yield. Things required for assembling zig zag hydroponic system includes water pump, 3 * 400 ml bottle of premium complete advanced hydroponic nutrient solution, 35 litre nutrient tank with wheels,5 x custom grow tube columns with elbow connectors, an adjustable shelf mounts, water level adjusters, 30 x plastic mesh hydroponic pots, 30 x jiffy seed germination peat pellets, hydroton clayballs, all hoses connectors and related fittings.

A-frame Hydroponic System

This is a great example of how to create vertical garden that maximizes the number of plants that can be grown in a small space without soil. A frame hydroponic system can be set up in your small space in a small scale and is ideal for those who want to grow their own food but lack the space to do it. This set up uses inexpensive materials like 2′ x 4′ boards for the frame, a PVC pipe and tubes for water circulation, valves to control the water flow and drainage, a plastic tote for the reservoir. Click the below link to know more on how to set up A frame hydroponic system.

Windowsill Hydroponic System

Inorder to help urban gardeners grow food inside their apartment, Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray developed Window sill hydroponic system that helps to grow plants indoors with low-impact, low-energy and recycled local materials. Using a drip system made from recycled water bottles that held 25 plants, they were able to grow tomatoes, beans, lettuce, cucumbers, arugula, basil and kale.

Hydroponics With LED Light Technology

The innovation of LED light technology has brought with it a lot many important benefits. Among the urban growers, LED light plays a significant role equivalent to nature’s sunlight. Hydroponic system with LED light helps your indoor plants to grow with LED lights. Plant science and LED light technology work hand in hand to provide optimum solution for greenhouse and controlled environment growers.

This is just a part I had shared here, as I personally feel, these are the simplest ones you could try. There are many other ideas of setting up a hydroponic system at your home. Find the one that suits your room and space and set one.