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Tomato Growing Pots

Growing tomatoes have become very popular among the grow box gardeners. Tomatoes gardening in the grow box have proven to provide large juicy tomatoes for home use. But you must be very careful and follow certain tips while gardening tomatoes in order to get healthy ones. A number of best quality grow boxes are available to grow tomatoes.

Here are some steps and tips to follow in growing tomatoes using tomato growing pots

Size of the grow box –The size of the grow box depends on the size of the tomatoes you want to grow. That is, to grow small tomatoes small grow boxes are enough but if you want to grow large tomatoes, it is best to plant the seed in large grow boxes.

Specifications – It is best to take a container of 18 inches as it will give ample space for the tomatoes to grow. But for growing very small versions of the tomatoes, a grow pot size of 12 inches is enough. Also a pot to hold 15 gallons of water is preferred. Sufficient amount of water should be provided to the plants for its healthy growth and development. So, for this purpose you must make sure that the pot you select has enough space to hold the right amount of water that the tomatoes need.

Drainage holes – Tomato growing pots should have drainage holes. Any excess of water, nutrient solution, fertilizers and other feeds can be disposed of through these drainage holes thereby providing a smooth growing experience.

Saucer – The tomatoes grow pots should be placed on a saucer. Some pebbles or stones should be put into this saucer which helps in the proper drainage of the water.

Fiber glass Screen – To avoid the contact of the soil with the water, it is better to keep a fiber glass screen under the grow pot. If the fiber glass is big, then cut it to the size of the bottom of the grow pot.

Transplant – Once in the middle of growing, if you feel like adding on to your tomato gardening, then all you have to do is plant the seeds taken from the first grow box into the second. It is very easy to transplant the tomato plants.

Type of material – The tomato growing pots made from clay as well as plastics are used for growing tomatoes. Clay pots have a visual appeal but it is heavy if you want to move your clay pot from one place to another. If you are keeping the pots in one place then the clay pots are the best for growing tomatoes but if you want to move around your pot then you can use plastic pots. If you are staying at a place where the direction of sunlight is not evenly distributed, then it is better to use the plastic pots. Plastic pots are easier to move around and if drainage holes are drilled on them, they provide the best tomatoes you want.

Soil Mix – The growing medium ideal for growing tomatoes are perlite, sphagnum peat moss, compost and so on. It is advisable to avoid garden soil for growing tomatoes as the garden soil may already be infected with certain bacteria, fungus or pests remains and this might affect the final tomato produce too. Once you put a base of soil in your grow box add the nutrients and other fertilizers into it for the roots of the plants to absorb. These nutrients, fertilizers and other feeds enhance the growth of the tomatoes.

Placing the tomatoes plants – The tomatoes plants should be stemmed into the soil proper enough to support the fully grown tomatoes. After planting the stem of the tomatoes, soil should be added again to cover it. You must make sure at least half of your stem in submerged into the soil.

Used Pots – If you are using a pot that has been already used for growing other plants, then it is best if you wash it before planting the tomatoes plants. Wash the used pot with soap and hot water for all the dirt and bacteria to completely go. For thorough cleaning you can also add a little bleach to it.

Apart from all these, the tomatoes plants should be watered thoroughly throughout its growth phase. Soak the plants for 10 minutes to get better results. But make sure you do not over water it as this might damage the plants. Once the 10 minutes soaking is done, you do not have to water the tomato plants for a week.

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