A tower garden is a space saving garden design. It can hold at least 20 plants in a regular sized tower. Since it works on hydroponics the plants will grow faster and gets more yield. To have smooth functioning of this gardening equipment maintenance is essential.

How To Maintain A Healthy Tower Garden

Maintaining a tower garden is easier than any other mode of gardening. It is made by assembling different parts and for maintenance they can be dissemble, which is also easy. The separation of each part makes its cleaning an effortless job. Here is how to keep a tower garden clean and keep a tower garden fit and healthy.

  • The maintenance of the tower garden reservoir can be done once or twice a week. The whole tower including the net cups needs its maintenance with each harvest. The water pump inside the reservoir must be cleaned out every month or at least 4-5 times in a year, depending on the water quality and usage.
  • The first step is to drain out the nutrient reservoir, which is the lowest part. Attach the draining tube to get the water out. Keep a bucket handy nearby, as the water would have unused nutrients in it. If you have another garden or plants, use it for their benefits. Always think about, recycling.
  • Once you get the water out, disassemble the tower garden equipment one by one. Clean the net cups and their ports of each tower part. Even the reservoir lid would need regular check up.
  • If you spot any algal growth inside the tower garden reservoir, then ensure that the shower cap at the top is tightly closed and no amount of light penetrates through it.


Ok, that was all about cleaning the whole tower garden system after a harvest and as part of the regular maintenance. Now comes the part where the tower garden maintenance  when it is still in use. Draining the reservoir is done 1-2 times a week. Add fresh nutrients in the new batch of water. Add fresh water 2-3 times a week in hot season and when the plants are large and need more water.

  • The pH of the water is highly significant. Have a check on it regularly. A pH meter would help determine the pH level and increase or decrease the value in accordance. If not, look for yellowing in the leaves that shows a fluctuation in the pH value.
  • Remember to rotate the tower garden if it is placed near a wall. The plants closer to the wall may not get enough sunlight and the rotating will help them be exposed to the light and take their fill.
  • The water pump is ideal when placed to a side of the water reservoir so that it does not interfere with the roots. It also avoids clogging it by the old root parts. There is no harm in disturbing roots occasionally. Also remember to clean out the debris from inside the pump during regular maintenance.
  • Also, keep the submersible pump of the tower garden always submerged in water. Ensure that the nutrient water stays over the pump all the time.

Tower Garden Reviews

There have been many tower garden reviews hovering all over the internet and its quite positive. Many growers have to say that tower garden is an absolute delight and can deliver healthy yields within 3-5 weeks. Many blogger growers claim that they have grown from kale to spinach or lettuce to chard at one go with tower garden reviews. Though the price seems to be leaning on the expensive side, the results are simply amazing and its definitely worth a shot. Of course, you can always go for DIY tower garden but at least you will have a peace of heart that the product you are choosing has been tested and verified by professionals and comes with a proper warranty period and other T&C.

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