Tractor Scoot for Gardening

Tractor Scoot For Gardening

Gardening is a passion for people of all ages from small children to older people. For serious gardeners with vast area, gardening can be tough. Reaching every nook and corner with the heavy tools can be tiresome to the aged. The garden tractor scooters or better known as Tractor Scoot is the best option for a large garden. Tractor scoot is an innovative creation to ease the gardening duty easier. It is a four-wheeler scooter with all the facilities that is needed for gardening made in heavy duty construction material. It has a comfortable high quality metallic seat with great weight capacity up to 400 pounds. The storage tray under the seat has got drainage holes to make it cleaner. The bucket storage basket behind the seat can hold weight up to 40 pounds and can carry a pail of 5 gallons capacity. The tires are pneumatic with durable quality.

The deluxe tractor scoot with bucket basket lets the gardener work from the sitting position and the seat height is adjustable for the user’s convenience. The handle may be latched to upright position making it a holder. The handle serves as the steering as well and the front tires are steerable. The bucket is to toss in the weeds or easily gather a day’s harvest with utmost ease. Gardening in the sitting position is a luxury making it fun filled. Now, clipping and weeding can be done easily and comfortably, without stressing the knees. Reaching anywhere in the garden is easy and the tractor scoot is easy to turn around and light weight. And it is accessible anywhere in the garden. The bucket basket in the Tractor scoot can be convenient to put the plucked weeds. The weeds can be directly put into a garbage bag placed in the basket and save the space around the plants from littering and saving much time in cleaning the surroundings later. During harvest it is easier to carry the fruits or flowers from far away, faster and convenient. The handle can be made as a pulley when there is more quantity of products. The garden scoot with swivel seat takes the stress of your back, knees and legs thereby giving you a good way to move around easily.

The sit and scoot tractor is easy to wash and can be used not just for gardening but also for other heavy duties and chores. The color of the Tractor scoot can be chosen from red, green, or blue.