Autowatering System for Raised beds

There are several great watering products to keep your raised beds hydrated and thriving of which Snip N Drip Soaker Systems and Aquacorners are designed for raised garden bed watering.

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1. Aquacorner

This Raised Bed Watering system Conveniently Delivers Water Directly to your Raised Bed Garden

  • It is easier to supply water
  • The integrated faucet and internal plumbing regulate water flow and the brass fittings allows you to attach a soaker hose or sprinkler
  • One single Aquacorner per raised bed is to be used


  • It is available in 4 heights: 6”, 8” 10” and 12”
  • Designed specifically for use with Gardener’s Supply Raised Bed Corners
  • Use the Aquacorner for any existing raised bed or new one
  • Simply place it into the corners and secure with provided screws
  • Powder-coated aluminum; plastic cap; brass fittings; faucet

The internal plumbing feature helps the watering easier which is important for healthy and better plant growth. Simply attach your garden hose to the brass fittings at the bottom and use the faucet at the top to control water flow to your own hose, drip system, or sprinkler.

2. Snip N Drip Custom Irrigation System for raised beds

The Customized Soaker Hose System is specially modified for your raised beds or garden

  • Fits in easily and quickly
  • Saves water as it supplies to correct place so no wastage
  • One time set up and the hoses will function for season-long giving you comfort from watering
  • Soaker hose systems preserves water and keep plants dry to reduce the risk of plant diseases


  • Includes 50’ of ½” soaker hose
  • 25’ of ½” garden hose
  • One faucet adapter, one quick-connect coupler, eight hose couplers, and one end cap
  • Optional extra 3-Way Connector or Couplers (6)
  • PVC garden hose, recycled rubber soaker hose, plastic connectors

With this Snip-N-Drip Soaker System you can easily build a custom watering system for your raised beds or in-ground gardens. Without using any complicated equipment it can be easily installed. Just use scissors to cut the soaker hose to fit garden beds, and then cut the garden hose to fit between beds where the water is not needed. Instant fitting to correct place and your watering system is ready to water. Weeping action of the soaker hose delivers water directly to the roots without wasting it and incurring loss due to evaporation or overflow.

Using soaker hoses in raised beds

The soaker hose and soaker tubing type of drip system is easy to use in traditional row style or raised bed gardens that allows water to seep out the entire length of the hose.

Soaker hose is connected manually to the garden hose to each line at each irrigation session or by connecting a series of dedicated garden hoses to a series of lines. On raised-bed gardening, it is easy to run a water line with a tap to each box.

Uniform water delivery can be done if you keep runs short, at about 25 feet or less. In long lengths, the water delivery will be higher at the top of the hose line and less at the bottom. Ensure the ground must be reasonably level for equal water delivery. On slopes, several short lengths run are to be formed.

There are major two types of soaker hose available:

Half-Inch Soaker Hose

This half-inch hose easily gets connect with standard hose fitting. It can be cut to any length and connected with garden hose fittings.

A small plastic disc fits inside the female hose connection as a pressure regulator or a flow regulator. By using this water flow reduces hence you need to run water for more time so that adequate water reaches on the bed. It is recommended to use the pressure regulators with hose-end fittings so that with this type of regulator, the drip line runs 10 to 20 minutes more to sufficiently water the bed. Without a pressure regulator your soaker hose tends to break or crack at times.

This half-inch hose style is more lenient to small amounts of dirt, algae, or salts in the water. Regularly open up the end of the hose and flush out soil deposits stored within.

Quarter-inch Soaker Tubing

Cut the quarter-inch soaker tubing as to the required length and connect it with drip system components. An in-line pressure regulator is required otherwise; the fitting may burst or leak. The soaker tubing has a higher delivery rate so place it differently apart from other in-line drip hose, button emitters, or bubblers.

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Raised bed irrigation kit

These complete Raised Bed Irrigation Kits include everything (every part) you need right from your faucet to your garden raised beds. Each kit includes popular and versatile 1/4″ Soaker Drip line, which is very flexible and can be used in straight rows, curved plantation and twisted dense planting areas also. Raised bed irrigation kits are made available in three varieties:

1. Economy Kit

You can easily automate this kit by adding a hose thread, battery-operated timer at the valve. If you wish to install a timer, it is recommended to use high-pressure hose extension to ease the weight of the timer assembly from the valve.

1. Waters up to 3 beds (4′ x 8′)
2. 100′ of Soaker Drip line
3. Filter and PSI Regulator
4. 1/4″ and 1/2″ Fittings
5. Punch and Hold Down Stakes
6. 50′ of 1/2″ Mainline Tubing

2. Standard Kit

You can easily automate this kit by adding a hose thread, battery-operated timer at the valve. If you wish to install a timer, it is recommended to use high-pressure hose extension to ease the weight of the timer assembly from the valve.

1. Waters up to 9 beds (4′ x 8′)
2. 300′ of Soaker Dripline
3. Filter and PSI Regulator
4. 1/4″ and 1/2″ Fittings
5. Punch and Hold Down Stakes
6. 100′ of 1/2″ Mainline Tubing

3. Deluxe Kit

This irrigation kit can be operated both manually and automatically. Turn on the water at the faucet for manual operation or install a timer at the faucet to make it automatic. This kit has high water flow capacity so a high flow timer (with a flow capacity of at least 8 gallons per minute) should be used to automate its operation.

1. Waters up to 18 beds (4′ x 8′)
2. 600′ of Soaker Dripline
3. Filter and PSI Regulator
4. 1/4″ and 3/4″ Fittings
5. Punch and Hold Down Stakes
6. 250′ of 3/4″ Mainline Tubing

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Drip irrigation system for raised beds

Drip Irrigation is an extremely efficient way to water gardens, landscapes, trees, raised beds, containers and all other areas where plants are situated. A properly installed drip irrigation system will not only save your hard earned money but will also help the environment and provide your plants with the nourishing water they need, most importantly to their roots.

Drip irrigation system for raised bed can be very useful as it can be used anywhere and takes less times to install it. It is a complete method used right from the standard water faucet or garden hose.

It help provides water to the most densely planted raised beds with ease. Drip irrigation system for raised beds is available in drip irrigation kit form. For different bed size a unique drip irrigation kit is developed so that the adequate water is provided to plants roots. The items or products available in drip irrigation kit vary according to the size of raised bed.

Below is the list of items that are commonly available in any Drip irrigation Raised Bed Kits:

1. 1/4” Drip Line – Used to water the inside of the beds
2. Shut off Valves – Used to manually control water flow to each bed
3. 1/2” Perma Loc Tee – Each kit provides 1 reusable tee fitting per bed
4. 1/2” Perma Loc End Cap – Each kit provides 1 reusable cap per bed
5. 1/2” Perma Loc Elbow – Each kit provides 2 reusable elbows per bed

Drip irrigation system for raised bed is cost effective, every plant is efficiently watered, versatile, saves water and easy to install which is much better for the good health of plants.

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Self watering raised beds

This technique combines the benefits of raised bed gardening and self-watering convenience

  • 9 square feet of growing area at a depth of 12″ is quiet a generous size
  • Grow a healthy garden on your terrace or deck
  • Four color options
  • Optional casters (we recommend 16 casters/bed, but 12 is also ok to use)

Self watering raised beds give you the benefit of watering weekly instead of daily basis. Other benefits are listed below:

  • This trendy container for plants can possess two 4-gallon reservoirs that are sufficient to keep your plants lush and green even in a drought.
  • It is designed to look pleasing on the terrace.
  • It is tough enough to be used in the garden as it is made of crack-proof, fade-proof polypropylene.
  • The nine square feet of growing are and a generous 12″ depth is enough to grow root crops like carrots.
  • Dual-action watering system keeps plant roots just moist enough without water logging them, and a water gauge indicates you when it is to be refill

Other Specifications:

  • Made of dense UV-stabilized polypropylene
  • 39-1/4″ x 39-1/4″ x 16″ H
  • 8-gallon water reservoir
  • Holds 9 cubic feet (230 dry quarts) of Container Mix
  • Easy assembly
  • Add optional casters for mobility; each bed requires 16 casters total however 12 is also sufficient.

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