Large Airtight Weed Stash Box & Containers For Marijuana


Weed stash box is a box which is both stylish and sturdy in storing weed stash. Weed stash box is very important for the proper maintenance of the weeds in good condition. Weed condition is a very important aspect as weed has a tendency to go dry if exposed out to high temperatures and this can be avoided by using a weed stash box. Weed stash boxes are available in different forms and shapes which helps the user in making the whole weed business discreet.

Buying Weed Stash Box

Weed stash boxes can be either bought by the user or can be built using wood but it needs some creativity and dedication to build a quality one. Marijuana stash boxes are readily available in the online market which comes in various designs and shapes which will capture the attraction of weed users. Weed stash box is a friend of all the weed users as it helps in making the user available of all the needed components for the use of marijuana.

Features of weed stash box

Weed stash box will contain many features for the storage of all the things needed for the user related to the weed usage. The weed stash box helps the users in easily carrying around the needed weed use things. A good stash box will have a slot for the proper rolling of the herb into the cigarette paper. Some stash boxes have v profile with large storage areas where the papers can be fit into the slid. There will be an under compartment which is especially designed for the storage for the herbs. This space will be tight and it prevents the herbs from getting dry and damaged.

DIY Weed stash box

Stash box can be built by the users with a little bit of patience and some materials like:

  • Silverware box
  • Monofil polyster fabric
  • Square dowels
  • Decorative trim
  • Strength glass
  • Nickel screw eyes
  • Brass nails
  • Brass latch

How to make weed stash box

The inside part of the silverware box should be cleared and painted with our favorite color. The bottom floor part inside the chamber can be fixed with your favorite image which gives you the content feeling every time you open the box. The box should be fitted with a frame which will hold the different chambers that we intend to fix inside the weed stash box.

Importance of weed stash box

It is a natural question to ask why you need a weed stash box. The reason is that the weed here- marijuana loses its potency when not stored in air tight containers and away from sun or heat. The best way to store it is a wooden box that does not allow the light or heat to penetrate through it. The weed can be stored fresh for a longer while than it is stored elsewhere.

Even inside the weed stash box, there are mason jars to keep it air tight. This allows the freshness to be retained and does not allow the heat or sunlight to strip its efficiency. This method also prevents evaporation and humidity is also maintained.
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