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White Dragon LED Grow Lamp

Receiving light from the natural source or artificial source has a great influence on the growth of the plants. Plants require ample amount of lighting to conduct its process of photosynthesis. LED plant lights are usually used by plants grown in hydroponics system.

There are lots of brands producing the LED Grow lights and the White Dragon LED lights are one among them. The White Dragon LED Grow Lamps are grow lamps manufactured in the United States of America and have been in the market for a long time.

Features of White Dragon LED Grow Lamp

1. Models – The White Dragon LED Grow Lamps are available in three models: Model LT – 140, Model LT – 280 and Model LT – 420. That is, in 140 watts, 280 watts and 420 watts. Depending upon the number of plants you are growing in your hydroponics grow system, you can choose one model among these three available.

2. Dimensions – The different models of the White Dragon LED Grow Lamps are available in different sizes. The compact size of the model with 140 watts, which is Model LT – 140 has a compact size of 13 inches by 10 inches by 4 inches. The highest watts models, that is, the Model LT – 420 has the compact size of 36 inches by 16 inches by 2 inches. Choose the apt grow lamp suitable for the plants in your grow system.

3. Thinnest and Lightest – The White Dragon LED Grow Lamp is the thinnest and lightest grow lighting system available in the market. Thus, making is easy to hang in the grow system and simple to use. It also makes space for keeping other equipments. Using the White Dragon LED Grow Lamp saves lot of space; there is enough space available for the gardener to move around in the system.

4. Low Power Consumption – LED lights are known for their Low Power Consumption feature. In spite of providing optimum levels of lighting, the White Dragon LED Grow Lamp uses very little power for its functioning. Consuming less power helps you to cut down your electricity costs to a great extent.

5. High Yield – With low heat output and low power consumption, the White Dragon LED Grow Lamp does not compromise on the quality and quantity of yield it produces. Plants grow stronger, healthier and faster in these LED grow lights.

6. Multi Voltage – The White Dragon LED Grow Lamp provides multiple voltages. That is, this grow light provides voltages in the range of 110 to 277 VAC. If you are growing more number of plants, then high voltage grow lamp is necessary.

7. Spectrum Levels – Plants absorb different spectrum of lighting during the different stages of its growth lifecycle. There is blue spectrum of lighting, red spectrum of lighting, white spectrum of lighting and ultraviolet spectrum of lighting. For the vegetation, propagation, flowering and blooming stages of the plant life cycle, different spectrum of lighting is absorbed. White spectrum of lighting gives an extra benefit of visible light. A complete spectrum of lighting is provided by the White Dragon LED Grow Lamp. This grow light has a spectrum level between 400 to 720 nanometers.

8. No requirements of fans – The specialty of LED grow lights are apart from producing the optimum level of light, it produces very less heat. Unlike the other grow lights these lights do not produce heat to damage the plants. Excess of heat production not only damages the plants but also hinders the proper growth of the plant inside the grow systems. A cool environment should always be maintained inside the hydroponics grow system. As there is no heat production by the White Dragon LED Grow Lamp, there is no requirement of fans.

9. Patented Technology – A Unique and Patented technology is used in the White Dragon LED Grow Lamp. This grow lamp makes efficient utilization of all the resources and gives effective results. Optimum lighting with low heat output is given by the technology used in the White Dragon LED Grow Lamp.

10. Patented Air Circulation System – An air circulation system helps in the smooth movement of the air within the grow system. There is an exhaust fan in each hydroponic grow cabinet which blows out the waste and unwanted air accumulated inside the system. A Patented Air Circulation System is used in the White Dragon LED Grow Lamp.

You can purchase the White Dragon LED Grow Lamp online in the garden products selling website or even get it from your garden store nearby. Online White Dragon LED Grow Lamp is cheaper and has many offers comparatively.

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White Dragon LED Grow Lamp
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