10 Gallon Superponics Grow System – 16 Plant

SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System

Hydroponics is a system of gardening where the plants are allowed to grow in water instead of soil and this method has proven to have many benefits when compared to the traditional soil gardening. There are a number of hydroponics grow systems available and the 10 Gallon Superponics Grow Systems – 16 Plant is one among them. This grow system has the capacity to grow up to 16 plants.

Features of the 10 Gallon Superponics Grow System – 16 Plants

1. Specifications – The 10 Gallon Superponics Grow System – 16 Plant comes in the dimension of 28 inches Length by 12 inches Height by 22 inches Width and weighs around 40 lbs.

2. SuperPonics Technology – The technology of SuperPonics is used in the 10 Gallon Superponics Grow Systems – 16 Plant. That is, it works on two principles of the Top Feed Watering and Bottom Feed Oxygenation. This is a very intelligent and safety method which ensure your grow systems will be working always even when one of the system fails. The dual method grow system also helps in increasing the yield and growing your plants twice as stronger and healthier than you get in the single method grow systems. Also they perform better than the conventional methods of soil gardening.

3. Air Pump – The Air pump used in the 10 Gallon Superponics Grow System – 16 Plant is of the Eco Air series. It helps for transporting the oxygenated air to the growing chamber and to pump back the deoxygenated air. This air pump is quiet in its operations making it suitable to be used in a hydroponic system indoors. The requirement of oil is also less in this air pump. For supporting the function of the air pump, air stones and air lines are available along with it.

4. Water Pump – The purpose of a water pump is to pump the nutrient solution and water to the growing chamber for the roots of the plants to absorb. The excess nutrient solution and water is pumped back to the water reservoir. The water pump used in the 10 Gallon Superponics Grow System – 16 Plant has the capacity to pump 185 gallon per hour of water or nutrient solution. Similar to the air pump, this water pump provides a quiet and smooth operation with no requirement of oil. It is also equipped with a magnetic rotor, ceramic shaft and bearing.
5. Timer – An Analog Single timer is installed in the 10 Gallon Superponics Grow System – 16 Plant for controlling the flow of water, air and the lighting system. You can control the flow of the water by alerting the pump. Similarly the air pump and the lighting systems are set at a particular time which requires it to function. In this way you can be assured that your plants receive the right amount of water, air and lighting during each and every stage of its growth cycle. You can also make your Grow System automatic by using the Analog Single Timer.

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