100 Gal. Black Xreservoir

100 Gal. Black XReservoir

The reservoir in hydroponics system is needed to hold the nutrient solution. The plants need essential nutrients to grow. These essential plant nutrients are mixed with water into the reservoir. Depending on the type of hydroponics system, the nutrient solution is supplied from the reservoir to the plant roots that lie into a grow tray. This process is followed in different ways, like using a timer and supplying it at regular intervals, or continuously without a timer, or the roots directly hanging into the reservoir all 24/7, making the reservoir the grow tray as well.

Today, the market is flooded with varied shapes and sizes of reservoirs. You should choose the one taking care of some points mentioned herewith.

  • One, the reservoir should be solid to withstand the general wear and tear of hydroponic system.
  • Second, it should be large enough to at least hold one or two weeks of nutrient solution supply to plants.
  • Third, it must be easy to clean and maintain so that the grow environment remains clean and green.
  • Fourth, it should be light proof or else you can make it by painting or covering the side walls.

Xreservoir is one of those best known brands on the market. It is offered in five different sizes that includes 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 gallons. The description of 100 Gal. Black Xreservoir is mentioned here.

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1. The 100 Gal. Xreservoir comes in black or white color. Both Xreservoirs contains same features just the difference in colors.

2. It has a capacity to hold 100 gallons of nutrient rich water.

3. 100 Gal. Black Xreservoir is rigid to withstands extreme heat or cold temperatures.

4. The durability of 100 Gal. Black Xreservoir provides you long lasting growing experience.

5. The 100 Gal. Black Xreservoir is resistant even to hold against natural forces.

6. 100 Gal. Black Xreservoir is designed with superior material to offer you strong, firm and durable reservoir.

7. It comes with easy to view level indicators on the exterior surface to maintain nutrients solution at appropriate levels.

8. It is suggested to buy a lid for your 100 Gal. Black Xreservoir. Lid help protects nutrient solution from dirt and pests. Lid also prevents water evaporation.

9. The Outside Dimensions of 100 Gal. Black Xreservoir is 39″ x 62″ x 14″.

10. The 100 Gal. Black Xreservoir is weighs 21 pounds.

Hydroponic systems such as ebb and flow system, drip system, nutrient film technique and wick system utilizes a reservoir to store and supply nutrient rich water. In deep water culture, the reservoir is used to store nutrient rich water but it is not supplied to the grow tray as plants are placed directly onto the reservoir filled with nutrient solutions and plants roots hang into the reservoir while growing.

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