100 Gal. White Xreservoir

Duralastics 100 Gallon White Reservoir

Reservoir is very important component in hydroponics system. It is a useful and helpful hydroponics supply to store and supply nutrient rich water solution.

The required nutrients for plant growth are dissolved into the water that is stored in the reservoir. Generally, all hydroponics system requires reservoir support for successful harvest. The use of reservoir is different depending upon the type of hydroponics system. Some hydroponics systems require reservoir to supply the nutrient solution to the plant roots at regular intervals as per the set timer. For few, reservoir is helpful to continuously provide nutrient solution to plant roots. And in few systems, reservoir houses the plants onto it for the entire plant life cycle allowing plant roots to hang into the reservoir and directly accessing the nutrient solution.

In a nut shell, irrespective of the type of hydroponic system, all systems require a reservoir as storage of nutrient solution. Hydroponics is entirely based on growing plant with water rich in nutrients for all stages of plant life right from seedling to harvest. Hence, make a smart move and decide what reservoir to buy, where to place it and how to utilize it right from starting the growing phase one.

If you are an expert grower then you must have had lots of experience in selecting the right component for your set-up. But for beginners or new growers, consider certain points before you buy a reservoir.

  • Size – You will find different sized reservoirs in the market so select the one considering future use. This means small plants require less nutrient solution but tomorrow they will turn into larger one. So choose the one that has a capacity to store and supply nutrients to large plants.
  • Shape – You can choose from round, square, rectangle or oval shaped reservoirs. Select the Shape of reservoir that is well-suited with your hydroponic set-up.
  • Temperature – The water temperature in your reservoir can either rise or fall. At times you will find extreme cold or extreme heat in water temperatures. This could hamper plant rooting system and also damages your reservoir. Always maintain water temperature between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit and buy a reservoir that can withstand these extremes.
  • Maintenance – In hydroponics, cleaning and maintenance is very important. This offers a clean, hygienic and ideal growing environment for plants. Buy a reservoir that is easy to clean and maintain as it will also help to keep pests and mold at bay.

With such an in-depth knowledge on uses of reservoir and buying tips, allow me to introduce Xreservoir. Xreservoir comes in various sizes including 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 gallons. Also, each size comes in black or white colors.


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The various features of 100 Gal. White Xreservoir is mentioned in details. The 100 Gal. White Xreservoir comes in rectangle shape and has a capacity to hold 100 gallons of nutrient rich water. The 100 Gal. White Xreservoir is constructed to offer rigid and durable structure. It can withstand extreme heat or cool temperatures, and 100 Gal. White Xreservoir is unbreakable against the natural conditions. 100 Gal. White Xreservoir comes with an easy to view level indicators marked outside it to measure and maintain accurate nutrient levels. This durable, firm and superior designed 100 Gal. White Xreservoir is must buy to fulfill all your hydroponics needs.

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Duralastics 100 Gallon White Reservoir
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