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1000 Watt Super Cool Light & Ballast Combo

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Grow lights are beneficial any season when it comes to indoor gardening. If you are looking for cool grow lights for your plants, then 1000 Watt Super Cool Light & Ballast Combo are best for you. Let’s look at some of the features of this grow light that can make indoor gardening an experience to remember.
Features of the 1000 Watt Super Cool Light & Ballast Combo:

  • High powered lumens
  • Glass reflector
  • Digital ballast
  • Easy installation
  • Complete warranty with lifetime customer services

That being said, let’s get these features into a brief section to enhance your knowledge further about the product.

Lumens & the reflector: The combo features a high powered HPS bulb that comes with 1000w lumens (140,000) which is one of the best in the market. It will promote healthy growth of your plants right from the flowering to vegetative stages. The lumens come in a mix of blue, green and violet colors which will help the plants in absorbing the necessary colors vital for their growth. The super cool HPS grow bulb is combined with in built reflector that delivers the spectrum effectively without any place for hot spots.

This product is perfect for small indoor gardeners as no area will be left uncovered and the spectrum reaches all the plants effectively. Since the HPS grow light lasts a good lifetime of 4-6 cycles, you need not worry much about having a replacement every now and then. The axial fan keeps the grow bulb cool at all times.

Digital ballast: The 600w digital ballast is vital when you are growing plants indoors as it provides the necessary level of energy inhibiting spikes, power surges or voltage fluctuations thereby keeping the grow room safe and secure at all times. The dimmable switch is another extended feature of the digital ballast. With this, you can reduce or brighten the lumens of your grow light. Many growers choose to go with a combo of both MH and HPS grow bulbs. If you are one of those, then don’t bother about hunting for ballast for your MH bulbs. This digital ballast suits both MH and HPS bulbs so if you want to make the switch from HPS to MH, do it in a jiffy with this MH/HPS compatible ballast. The resin coating keeps the internal equipments of the ballast safe and secured.

Thermoflo ducting and Dual yo-yo system: The Thermoflo ducting of the 1000 Watt Super Cool Light & Ballast Combo brings in cool air while exhausting the heat air thereby keeping the grow lights cool. The dual yo-yo system helps in adjusting the height of grow lights as the plants grow. Simply attach it to the ceiling and hang it. You can make the changes as per the plants growth thereby preventing them from stretching needlessly to reach the lights.

Lifetime customer support: The 1000 Watt Super Cool Light & Ballast Combo can be installed easily without any help. The compact feature makes it easy to place it anywhere in your grow tent. If this is not enough, the product comes with a three year warranty not to mention a lifetime of customer support in case you are having difficulty regarding queries or help for fixing the product.

The 1000 Watt Super Cool Light & Ballast Combo is available at various websites such as dealzer, amazon etc. at affordable prices.

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