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1000W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V)

1000W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V)

1000W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V) is one of its kind energy efficient ballast. It is one of the popular products in the industry that utilizes latest technology like dimmable and S-Bright features. It is design to run extremely cool and calmly offering you neutral growing environment.

Reasons to Buy 1000W Hypotek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V

The main reason to opt for 1000W HypoTek Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V) is its unique features like dimmable and S-bright. This makes the Ballast to operate at multi-voltage from dimmable to S-Bright. It can be dimmed and operated at lower percentages such as 100%, 75% or 50%, of their maximum wattage output. The combination of dimmable and S-bright feature makes 1000W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast capable to combine the flexibility of 4 ballasts into 1.

The super bright option is one reason to buy 1000W HypoTek Digital ballast as it helps to raise the overall lumens output by up to 10%. This unit comes with Compatible Type S reflectors and built-in surge protector to prevent power fluctuations.

1000W Digital Dimmable Ballast from HypoTek is accustomed to operate both HPS and MH grow lights. These light generates natural light that is provided to plants whenever needed depending upon its life stage. Very few types of ballast on market offer such flexibility to run two types of grow lights.

HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast 1000w is coated using internal resin to offer extra protection to this ballast. This not only helps in longevity but also prevents RF interference to safeguard your growing area. It also comes with built in external breaker to avoid any kind of possible damage from power surges. Both 120V and 240V power cord is included on this multi-voltage ballast.

The 4 Rubber feet contained on the bottom of 1000W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V) averts vibration and reduction in noise. Internal cooling fan is built-in to release warm air and ensure cool operating temperatures.

The Heat-dispersing fins completely cover the exterior and underside of 1000W Digital Ballast from HypoTek to remove trapped heat.

Comparing 1000W Hypotek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V) To Other Magnetic Ballasts
This 1000w HypoTek MH/HPS (120/240V) Digital Ballast is more energy efficient than other magnetic ballasts. Moreover it is made to operate silently and generate and distribute on an average 15-20% more lumens than other magnetic ballasts. More lumens distribution is directly linked to bigger and better yields.

It is a versatile unit that comes with attached mounting plates unlike most other ballasts. This allows quick and easy installation in your grow space. Also, it can operate both horizontally and vertically making it easily adaptable to any sized setups. 1000W HypoTek Digital Dimmable Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V) comes with 3 year warranty (includes 2 Year complete and 1 Year pro-rated basis).

With these many fine features, lowest failure rate compared to other ballasts and nearly unbreakable unit is delivered to you in most affordable prices. To instantly place your order just click on the link below – http://www.dealzer.com/1000w-hypotek-digital-dimmable-ballast-mh-hps-120-240v/

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