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SuperPonics XL 12 Hydroponic Grow System

SUPERCLOSET launches a fantastic fully automated hydroponic system with 12-plant capacity. This helps the plants to grow in a faster, safer and eco friendly atmosphere. Also, this finds to be easier than any traditional hydroponic systems. These systems will keep the surroundings clean rather than the stain some surroundings of the traditional type. In one word, the hydroponics system can be said as the artificial watering of the plants. So that, the plant gets enriched with the essential and sufficient nutrients which they need for the growth. Hydroponics is a method by which the plants are made to grow without soil. The medium of growth used is a mineral nutrient solution. This is a technique, which is common in the 18th century onwards. The historians discovered that only soil couldn’t make a plant grow. The main process that should happen for proper growth is the dissolution of minerals in the soil. Then only, the plants will be able to grow. In this new sophisticated method, the SUPERCLOSET uses solutions with the needed minerals dissolved in it, ¬†which it is made available for the plants. Some terrestrial plants are made to grow in mineral solutions with their roots immersed in them.

The Supercloset 12-plant hydroponic system takes a new idea into the field, which is able to extract the best of the hydroponics, and it has been named Superponics. The superponics is made into a reality by combining three major ingredients like automated top feed, deep-water culture and bubble and aeroponics. The specialty of superponics is that there are two independent hydroponics systems. Even if something goes wrong with a system, the other works perfectly and ensures to keep the plant life alive. Your plants will still thrive. The usage of deep-water culture and bubble and aeroponics will help in rapid growth rates and huge yields.

The reservoir and lid of this 12-plant hydroponic system is custom molded. It can be easily cleaned and is UV stable. You need not do anything. It is available fully assembled. Just plug it in and add some water. It is equipped with 185 gallons per hour water pump and an eco-air 4 air pump. This 12-plant hydroponic system has also got 1 timer, 2 high quality air diffusers and a 3 inch net cups. The superponic upgrade package includes TechnaFlora Recipe For Success 10 Part Nutrient System, pH-testing kit, Total dissolved solids (TDS) meter, 1 inch rock wool starter plugs and hydro ton clay stone medium.

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SuperPonics XL 12 Hydroponic Grow System
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