125 Gal. White Xreservoir

125 Gal. White XReservoir

For hydroponics indoor plantations, reservoirs are an important hydroponics supply. Several Hydroponics systems utilize reservoirs to store and supply nutrient rich water solution to growing plants. Reservoir is placed beneath the growing plants and the needed nutrients for plant growth are dissolved and stored into it.

Today, there are plenty of varieties of reservoirs available in the market. They are available in varied shapes, size and colors. It is very difficult for you to select one out of these. Hence, introducing Xreservoir brand, that is known to offer durable and rigid reservoirs. Xreservoir mainly offers reservoirs in two colors, black or white. Each colored reservoir is made available in the market in 5 different sizes, including 25 gal., 50 gal., 75 gal., 100 gal. and 125 gallons. Here the details of 125 Gal. White Xreservoir is discussed further.

Features of 125 Gal. White Xreservoir

As mentioned earlier, 125 Gal. Xreservoir comes white in color. It comes with a capacity to hold water up to 125 gallons. It is constructed using the superior quality material. No flimsy material is used to interrupt your growing process. This offers you the White Xreservoir with most rigid and firm structure. Additionally, it is built for prolonged use and to be your partner in growth for several years to come. 125 Gal. White Xreservoir is resistant enough to withstand any extreme heat or cold temperatures. It is even built to stand straight against natural forces as well.

125 Gal. White Xreservoir also features a level marking on both inside and outside surface. These easy to view level indicators make it simple for you to check your nutrient solution content levels. The outside dimension of 125 Gal. White Xreservoir is 42″ x 69″ x 14″ and its weight is 26 pounds.

125 Gal. White Xreservoir do not comes with a lid, however you can buy a 125 Gal. white lid which is separately available. This lid is specially designed to perfectly fit onto 125 Gal. White Xreservoir. It is suggested to use a lid as it helps maintain pure and clean nutrient rich water solution in the reservoir. No pests or debris could enter the nutrient solution with closed lid.

How Is 125 Gal. White Xreservoir Useful?

In various Hydroponics grow systems like NFT, ebb and flow, wick, DWC and drip system, a 125 Gal. White Xreservoir is both a useful and helpful hydroponics supply. You can mix and store your nutrient solution in it for regular supply to growing plants.

Regardless of whatsoever hydroponics system you use, it is critical to use high quality, strong and durable components like reservoirs, grow trays, timers, etc. Reservoir should be light tight, durable and can withstand severe temperature levels. This ensures continuous uninterrupted growth for improved and bigger yields.

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