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12W Diamond Grow Light 12V With Reflector

New innovative technologies are used to make grow lights to increase its efficiency and power saving capacity. The leading type of grow lights currently in market is the LED plant lights. Among the LED grow lights the Diamond grow lights have established their place. It is a technique of installing diamond shaped lens to increase the light intensity. There are many types of Diamond grow lights from 3W to higher watts LED bulbs. The grow light in question here is the 12W Diamond grow light. This light weighted grow light has many times more lighting capability to light up a moderately big grow area.

Characteristics of 12W Diamond grow light

We have heard about the 3W diodes used in the LED lights. Here in the 12W Diamond grow light the diodes used are of 1watt. There are 12 diodes of 1w capacity used to make the 12W grow light. These 1W chips are high powered and can supply better light intensity.

There are 12 LED pieces in the 12W Diamond grow light with 8 of them providing the 630 nm wavelength red light, 2 each of the 450nm blue light and 525 nm green light. Together these three colored lights make a complete package for the different growth stages.

The 12W Diamond grow light can be used worldwide and has the voltage ranging from AC 90-264V. It fits into the E27 base type easily.

The main feature of the 12W Diamond grow light is the use of the conjoined secondary lens. Usually a single lens is used to amplify the light intensity, but here the lens used is conjoined and they look like a diamond. This many faceted lens provides the light that glows like a sparkling diamond. It is because of this lens that the light is named Diamond grow light.

The LEDs are fitted in a face mask made of Crystal PMMA and has the ring to secure it to the aluminum heat sink.

The heat sink of the 12W Diamond grow light is very efficient and helps dissipate any heat that is produced by the light. There are fins slotted to the sink casing so that the dissipated heat can escape through all directions.

12W Diamond grow light can work under the temperature ranging approximately from 20-50 degrees. The standard lighting hours is mentioned as 8 hrs and life period is around 50,000 hrs with lumen capacity of 840.

12W Diamond grow light works silently and does not make any noise.

The single light can work from young plant stage through the harvesting stage. Suitable for grow areas of 31 sq ft when placed at 3 ft height. The minimal coverage area for 1 foot height is 4.15 sq ft and it is 10 times more when it is paced at 2 feet.

The dimensions of 12W Diamond grow light are 14” height, 4.8 x 5.12 inches in diameter, and weighs only 11 ounces.

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