Hydroponic Reservoir

155 Gallon Reservoir

155 Gallon Reservoir

Reservoirs are not mostly the first thing you may think of when you plan for indoor plant cultivation. However, in hydroponics growing it is a critical hydroponics supply. Reservoirs conveniently store and regularly supply nutrient rich water solution to plants.

In hydroponics plant food i.e. nutrients and minerals which plant needs to grow are supplied through water. This essential nutrient solution is stored in reservoirs and at regular intervals with or without timer is provided to growing plants. You will find a wide array of Reservoirs available in the market. They come in various different shapes, sizes and colors for you to select the most suitable one. Consider some tips before you buy a reservoir.

About 155 Gallon Reservoir

  • Size and Water Holding Capacity – Though your plants are small today, in future they are going to grow into monster sizes. So, buying a reservoir that can hold larger amount of water would be a smart futuristic decision. You should also consider type of plant you wish to grow as some kind of plants needs more water than others. The market today is flooded with reservoirs ranging in various sizes, like from 25, 50, to even larger ones that can hold up to 350 or more gallons of nutrient rich water solution.
  • Site – Another point to consider is the site of your hydroponics system for the reservoir. Generally, the reservoir is used to water and drain on regular basis, so buy one that can conveniently be transferred or removed.
  • Temperatures – The reservoirs contains nutrients and water for quite longer period. This still nutrient solution tends to change its temperature. The desired water temperature should be between 65- 75 degree Fahrenheit. Hence, opt for a reservoir that can resist severe cold or hot temperatures.
  • Cleaning – Reservoirs maintenance is very important to prevent development of algae or molds. Ideally, in every one or two weeks you should empty and clean the reservoirs. Hence, get the reservoir that is light weight to clean easily yet durable to last long.


155 Gallon Reservoir Features

Considering the above tips, here is one of its kind reservoirs called 155 Gallon Reservoir. Its Features are:

  • Size and Color – These reservoirs are available in 55 gallon, 75 gallon, 100 gallon, 155 gallon and 350 gallon of water holding capacity. It comes black in color to make it light tight and perfectly blends with your hydroponics system.
  • Shape – You can find reservoirs in various shapes, including, square, rectangle, round or oval. The 155 Gallon Reservoir comes oval in shape.
  • Finest quality Plastic – The FDA approved superior quality plastic is used in constructing 155 Gallon Reservoir.
  • UV Proof – It is UV coated that works as a safeguard, preventing any damage from severe water temperatures.
  • Strong Construction – 155 Gallon Reservoir is made using a single sheet of superior quality FDA approved plastic to eliminate any risk of split or crack. Other reservoirs in the market are built using two plastic sheets welded together that increases the risk of getting ruptured and interrupting your growth process.
  • Measurement – The outer Dimensions of 155 Gallon Reservoir is 52″ L x 30″ W x 24″ H.

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