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16″ Open Top Hand Trimmer

16″ Open Top Hand Trimmer

The plants must undergo the process of trimming during different stages in its life cycle. Trimming is done to ensure that all the dead leaves and the unnecessary twigs of the plants are removed at the right time in order to prevent damage to the good leaves and the rest of the plants. Time to time trimming improves the quality and overall health of the plants. If the hydroponic systems are crowded trim off the excess leaves.

It is very important to note that too much of trimming and too less of trimming both pose serious harm to the plants. Excessive trimming indirectly affects the plants as it does not receive enough shade for its normal growth.

There are number of different trimmers available in the market. These trimmers are available in different shapes, sizes and even models. There are open top trimmers, close top trimmers, hand trimmers, normal trimmers, motorized trimmers and so on. The trimmers are also available in the sizes of 18” inches and 24” inches in dimensions. In this article we will discuss the features of the 16″ Open Top Hand Trimmer.

Features of the 16″ Open Top Hand Trimmer

1. Versions – The 16″ Hand Trimmers are available in the open and closed version. That is the 16″ Open Top Hand Trimmer and the 16″ Close Top Hand Trimmer. You can trim keeping either the top open or closed, thereby providing a faster trimming process.

2. Benefit of Open Top – As the 16″ Open Top Hand Trimmer is open at the top, the user can watch the working of the device. The user can know if the trimming is done at the right amount and at the right pace and accordingly the adjustments are made. It can also be filled without removing the top.

3. Durable – The 16″ Open Top Hand Trimmer has a longer life when compared to the other mediums of trimming.

4. Stainless steel – The blades of the 16″ Open Top Hand Trimmer are made from high quality stainless steel making the trimmer durable. No portion of plastics is used here.

5. Usage – The 16″ Open Top Hand Trimmer is not only used for trimming the dead leaves and to take out the unwanted twigs but also for many other purposes too. This trimmer is used to trim out extra for the production of products like edibles, bho, waxes and other concentrates.

6. Glass trimming – The technology of glass trimming is used here. That is, the 16″ Open Top Hand Trimmer provides for clean sharp cuts. The trimming process is made sharper and smoother and it also makes sure no excess portion of the leaves are cut.

7. Reasonable – With the deliverance of high performance and effective results, the 16″ Open Top Hand Trimmer is available at a reasonable price.

For trimming the leaves for the plants in your hydroponic system, you can place an order for the 16″ Open Top Hand Trimmer at the following website:

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