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18″ Clear Top Bowl Trimmer

18″ Clear Top Motorized Bowl Trimmer

For taking out the dead leaves and the unwanted twigs of the plants, trimmers are used. Trimming is a very important activity in the process of plant growth. The dead leaves should be trimmed at the right time for the healthy and quality growth of the plants. One of the best medium to grow plants hydroponically is with stealth grow box.

There are number of trimmers available in the market in different models, shapes and sizes. The 18″ Clear Top Bowl Trimmer is one among them. Some other variations of this trimmer are that it is available in inches of 16 and 24. Also there are motorized versions available of the 18″ Clear Top Bowl Trimmer. Instead of clear top, metal top is available in this model of trimmers.

Features of the 18″ Clear Top Bowl Trimmer

1. Variety of usage – The 18″ Clear Top Bowl Trimmer is used to trim the leaves of a variety of plants. This trimmer is used not only for plants but also for projects on essential oils, aromatherapy products and potpourris. It will assist them in the functioning of all the different types.

2. Capacity – The 18″ Clear Top Bowl Trimmer has the capacity to perform the function of 30 scissors put together. Yes, it delivers high performance and you will sure get your desired output in no time.

3. Straight Blade – The 18″ Clear Top Bowl Trimmer is equipped with a straight blade that provides for sharp and clean cuts. Effective results are delivered unlike the conventional methods. It also makes sure that only what is intended is trimmed and no excess of the leaves are trimmed off from the plants.

4. High Quality Stainless steel – The blade of the 18″ Clear Top Bowl Trimmer is made from high quality stainless steel which provides for a durable and longer life to the product. Stainless steel has the property of resistance from corrosion and rust.

5. Clear Top – The 18″ Clear Top Bowl Trimmer has a clear visible top as mentioned in the product name itself. The benefit of clear top is that you can see the working of your product. Not only for that, the clear top has also helped the gardener to know when the trimmer is full and when to dispose of the garbage.

6. Time and Energy – Using the 18″ Clear Top Bowl Trimmer saves not only time but also energy. The process of trimming is made easy here. In the big old traditional scissors after going one round of trimming the leaves, the gardener has to go one more round to collect the trimmed leaves. But in this system the waste trimmed leaves are collected as and when it is trimmed and then can be easily disposed off.

The 18″ Clear Top Bowl Trimmer has proven to give efficient performance with effective results and hence is widely in demand in the market. To place an order for the 18″ Clear Top Bowl Trimmer for trimming the leaves of your plants grown inside the hydroponic system, click on the following link:


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