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189X- Pro LED Grow Light

Penetrator 189X – Pro

189X- Pro LED grow light is otherwise known as the Penetrator X pro LED grow light. The naming is because of its light penetrating ability to pass through a thicker plant canopy. This is one of the most advanced grow lights. Every minute detail in the 189X- Pro LED grow light oozes quality, be it the built, design, or anything, every penny is worth spending on it. 189X- Pro LED grow light is ideal for a grow space of 3 sq ft. Suitable for grow racks, grow tents, small grow cabinets etc. The superior spectrum from this grow light is in par with the 750 watts HPS light.

Features of 189X- Pro LED grow light

  • The multiple lights in the 189X-Pro LED grow light make a superior light quality against a single light unit of any HID system. It can also provide better coverage than the high watt grow lights. The total coverage area for 189X- Pro LED grow light is 3’ – 3’ which matches up against a 750W HPS light.
  • 189X- Pro LED grow light is cooler in functioning with less heat production and better heat dissipation. It helps adjust the height of the light closer to the plants.
  • The 189X- Pro LED grow light is made with modular design, allowing the grower to get any spare parts when in need of a repair or maintenance.
  • The copper core heat sink minimizes the operating temperature lower than 100F.
  • The industrial grade hanging system ensures secured fastening. The 6 ft power cord can be used for 110V or 220V.
  • The power link system inside the 189X-Pro LED grow light connects the multiple lights together to work in a series. There are 21 groups of 3W LEDs to form the 189-light structure. They all work in series to illuminate the small grow area effectively.
  • Each diode is covered with a special optical lens that helps increase the light output by 4 times. The addition of the X2 lens increases the light penetration to a higher percentage than the same light used without this lens.
  • 189X- Pro LED grow light comes ready to plug in and there is no need to attach any other supportive measures to it. No ballast, bulb, or cooling hood needed.

Technical Specifications of 189X- Pro LED grow light

  • The weight of the 189X- Pro LED grow light is 18.7 lbs.
  • The dimensions are 17.5 sq inch light area and 3 inches tall.
  • 189X- Pro LED grow light covers an area of 36 sq inches when placed at 24” height.
  • It provides a 6 band spectrum that delivers light in the 440 nm, 470 nm, 525 nm, 640 nm, 660 nm and 740 nm wavelengths.
  • The operating temperature of 189X-Pro LED grow light is 90-95˚F.
  • 4 dual ball bearing cooling fans with 120mm length work all the time to keep the light cool.
  • The total power consumption of 189X- Pro LED grow light is between 345-355 watts.
  • This 189X-Pro LED grow light works at a voltage of 85v- 265V at an input current of 1.4A or 2.8A for 220V and 110V respectively.
  • 189X- Pro LED grow light is an eco-friendly grow light with no mercury to harm. It is user friendly by avoiding replacement hassle. It is 100% recyclable and does not form a burden on the earth. The 189X- Pro LED grow light does not catch fire as easy as the HPS lights and is safer for the plants and the environment equally.
  • The life period is estimated in years than in months as against the HID lights. It can go on working for 50,000 hrs without trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions – 189x-pro led grow light

Is 189x-pro led grow light available in UK?

Yes, 189x-pro led grow light is available in various countries such as UK, Canada etc. at an affordable price. The light emits a 290 watts of intense power in your grow room which will give good penetration for your plants providing healthy photosynthesis.

Are there any good reviews of 189x-pro led grow light?

Many users claim that 189x pro led grow light does promise better yields than any other grow lights in the market and they stand grounded on their promises by delivering optimum results. Not only did they notice astounding herbage but also a good save on the energy bills.

How does 189x-pro extreme led grow light penetrator work?

The 189 x 3 watt diodes of the 189x-pro extreme led grow light penetrator is a combo of patent pending 3G spectrum and X2 lenses. In simple words, it can help the grow light to increase the intensity of the lumens 569% higher when compared to the same light without the X2 lens. You can even control the PAR by power settings that will widen the lumens at all areas of the grow tent inhibiting chances of hotspots.

Does 189 x-pro von led grow lights come with a guarantee?

Yes, 189x-pro von led grow lights come with a guarantee period. If in any case, you are not satisfied with the product simply return them within a specified period and get your money back without any hassles.

Is 189x pro led grow light better than a 600W HPS?

LED grow lights are preferred by many gardeners for a simple reason – value for their money. If we are looking at 600W HPS and a 189X led grow light, you will see that HPS consumes 660W power consumption while led eats up only 290W of energy. This will make a big difference in your energy bills. The extended spectrum coverage, cost of extra accessories necessary for HPS such as ballast/reflector/bulb can be eliminated in led grow lights. Lastly the life capacity of led (50,000 hrs) is much longer than HPS (24,000 hrs).

Does LED grow lights increase the heat of grow tent?

This is the best part of LED grow lights as they do not increase the heat of the grow tent unlike random grow lights in the market. The underlying reason is the inbuilt heatsink and cooling fans that shoo away excess heat and all you will get is a durable and healthy working grow light that lasts a good lifetime.

Do I need additional equipment’s such as ballasts or reflectors for my 189x-pro led grow light?

No, state-of-the-art led grow lights come with 3watt diodes, excellent PAR reading and spectrum, inbuilt heatsinks with cooling fans that will eliminate the necessity of additional equipments that add up the budget and put pressure on the power bills.

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