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2’ T5 Grow Lights

2′ T5 Grow Lights

T5 grow lights are the linear fluorescent lights. T5 grow lights are considered the most efficient for the young and small plants grown indoors or using the hydroponics system. Even though it is nowhere near the HID grow lights, it is great for high yield and power savings. When compared to other grow lights that can bombard the growing plants with high intensity light but that can not only provide higher yield but also costs more and at times, harmful for the plants also. 2’ T5 grow lights are the best option for grow lights that can help in good yield and at the same time have comfortable plant growing.
Most 2’ T5 grow lights are available as a set of 4 fluorescent tubes of 5/8” diameter. The 2 feet grow lights fit small grow boxes and cloning chambers. T5 grow lights are one step ahead of T8 in terms of efficiency and can run for longer periods.

Benefits of 2’ T5 grow lights

Long life is the highlight of T5 grow lights in comparison with any other type of grow lights. The 2’ T5 grow lights can run for 20,000 hours mostly. The older versions of the fluorescent grow lights have lesser life span than the 2’ T5 grow lights. The longer life for the grow lights makes it easier for the grower to continue growing without having to change the light in between. The 2’ T5 grow lights can also provide the same intensity light throughout its life.

Low heat output: The most essential feature for any beneficial grow light will be its heat producing capacity. The lesser heat the light produces, the better it is. 2’ T5 grow lights emit very less heat and use all its energy to generate light. The low heat output enables it a favorable grow light for young plants and small and delicate plants that needs light but cannot tolerate the heat. The low heat makes comfortable placing closer or even closest to the growing plants.

2’ T5 grow lights in comparison

In comparison the 2’ T5 grow lights cost a little over the T8 and T12 grow lights but when it comes to the performance T5 grow lights are better than both the others. Against the HID lights T5 grow lights cannot be compared for the intensity but the heat production makes a huge difference. The light intensity from the 2’ T5 grow lights is enough to cover a small grow area with short, small or younger plants that need both closer proximity with the light source and cannot survive under high heat.

If LED plant lights can provide longer life span and low heat, then 2’ T5 grow lights can outperform them, even though the margin is thin. 2’ T5 grow lights are cheaper than the LED grow lights and can also provide a closer output in all aspects like the LED lights.

The bottom line is that even though 2’ T5 grow lights have many benefits over all the other types of grow lights, they are not suitable for all row spaces and plants. For the right plants and grow areas 2’ T5 grow lights can make a handsome performance at a cheaper rate.

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