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20 Facts About Hydroponics That Will Make Your Pop Your Eyes Out – Things You Never Knew About Hydroponics System

Hydroponics: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide to Quickly Start Growing Vegetables, Fruits, & Herbs for Self-Sufficiency!

We all have our bad days, but gardening is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted stress and fuss. It keeps you away from constantly hogging the mobile phones or indulging oneself in negativity such as anxiety or depression. Picture this, watching your first flower bloom or the smell of freshly cut herbs etc. They are one of the best feelings that delivers an out of the world experience.

Of course, at times we do feel hydroponics cannot beat conventional gardening but they keep us in constant connection with Mother Nature thus shooing off any negativity from lives. Not to mention chucking off inclusion of “permitted” pesticides and fertilizers (as seen in soil gardening) that are toxic for health.

But there is more than what meets the eye. Here are 20 facts about hydroponics.

  • Hydroponics is old skool newly modified. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (7th wonder of the world) was supposed to be a hydroponic garden.
  • The Egyptian Pharaohs made sure that the fruits and veggies they relish was made using hydroponic system.
  • Farmers claim that hydroponically grown crops use only 90% less water than traditional farming for the same crops grown.
  • You can plant almost 4 times the crops with the same space as traditional farming.
  • Grow anything using sterile grow media with the combination of perfectly balanced pH, nutrient solution, oxygenated water that are delivered directly to the roots.
  • Hydroponic plants grow 2x faster than soil gardening as they are fed with the right amount of nutrients, water and oxygen.
  • Till 1936, hydroponics was practiced and restricted to labs only to research about plant growth and how the root develops.
  • During World War II, hydroponics was practiced using gravel method to feed the US Armed Forces as shipping vegetables and fruits to overseas outposts were just not practical.
  • It is said that plants grown hydroponically do not come with any chemical fertilizers. That is clearly not practical but the use of chemicals is minimal since one does not have to deal with soil based issues such as pests, soil borne diseases.
  • Hydroponics system is not limited to indoors but can be grown outdoors as well.
  • You can grow plants using hydroponic system using both natural sunlight or artificial grow lights that enact the role of sun.
  • Hydroponics is very much popular and has currently taken over half of the world including many states in US such as Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Missouri, Arizona and so on.
  • As per a survey there are more than 1,000,000 soilless culture units functioning in households of US for growing food alone.
  • They are hydroponic cabinets available such as supercloset that can help you to start growing almost immediately the moment you install them.
  • You can grow any type of plants both alkaline and acidic depending on the pH level in water. You can check the pH level using tester kits that are readily available at store.
  • Hydroponic system needs good amount of responsibility as you need to take care of the inside climate, type of grow lights used, nutrients, maintenance of plants, check for water leakage and so on. Basically it is an everyday job.
  • In case of any power surges, you need to take prompt action so that the plants in the system do not suffocate and succumb to death.
  • The most preferred system by many DIY-ers is the wick system since it is the easiest to design and absolutely cheap since there are no moving parts required.
  • You can combine hydroponics with aquaponics and derive double benefits out of this system.
  • You can prepare hydroponic system using Mason jars to building your own hydroponic system.
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