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225W UFO led grow light


If you are looking a perfect partner for your hydroponic grow system, then 225W UFO led grow light is suggested for you. A good quality LED plant light or grow light can help you get better yields all through the year without disturbing your plants. They come at an affordable price without compromising on the features.

Manufactured with a state of the art design, the 225W UFO led grow light gives a 6 band wavelength spectrum that provides you the ultimate grow lighting system for your hydroponic plants. Featuring a convex design, the grow light comes with greater capacity so as to reach the plants at all corner of the grow room without leaving any space for hot spots. This enables proper strengthening and effective photosynthesis for the plants by delivering luscious, crisp and rich plants at your doorstep.

The 225W UFO led grow light is made out of ABS plastic cover which is impact resistant and stands tough at even the roughest of use. The grow light comes with innovative feature of aluminum heatsinks that curbs down less usage of additional machines. They are quite light weight and accumulates excess heat. There are internal circulation fans that balance the system of grow light by blowing out the excess heat. For this, you will find cooling vents all around the grow lamp that exhausts the heat keeping the grow light system cool at all times.

This grow light come with five different spectrums such as orange, deep red, light blue etc. and many more that comes with better PAR measurements seen in the market. They align precisely with the plants making it easier for photosynthesis and helping plants to mature rapidly. The 225w UFO led grow light come with 75 lamps of 3w diodes that delivers heavy spectrum that give you optimum plant results. In fact, many results show that they can produce 3% more lumens than any other LED grow lights in the market.

The best part of owning a 225W UFO led grow light is they work with any current volts at home – 110/120 or 240v without the need for any extra wirings. With 225 watts, you get maximum power for your plants that will give you best growth at all stages of plant growth.

It is absolutely compact and can fit in easily in your grow room. You will even get a 3 point hanging system that will enable you to hang the grow lights at your discretion. These hanging system are adjustable that will prevent any hot spots in the grow room. Hot spots are corner areas of grow room where the lights are unable to reach correctly.

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