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300 Watt Diamond Series LED Grow Light

Advanced LED Diamond Series Grow Lights

Diamond series LED lights is the newest technology in the LED plant lights grow systems. Here in the 300 Watt Diamond Series LED grow light, the diodes used have individual optical lens attached to it that may give the impression of a diamond. With the advanced larger heat sinks it makes the light coolest and can easily replace the same grade HID lights to show high performance in all the growth stages like sprouting, cloning, vegetative growth and flowering. The maintenance is less than that needed by other lighting systems. It makes the grower more comfortable to have less efforts and maximum yield, without having to invest large.

Features of 300 Watt Diamond Series LED Grow Light

  • The 300 W Diamond series LED light uses 3W diodes to emit the light. There are 100 in number. The total wattage used to light up all of them is only 275.
  • Each diode in this 300 Watt Diamond Series LED grow light has individual optical secondary lens to focus the mitted light towards the growing plants. This addition helps in low wastage of the light and the light is better used by the plants.
  • The light emitted is an 11 band spectrum with a mix of the necessary wavelengths and the IR and UV lights. The electromagnetic spectrum emitted is ideal for maximum photosynthesis.
  • There are two built-in cooling fans that constantly work to keep the temperature down. The fans work silently. The working temperature of this LED grow light is up to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • A grow cycle switch is provided at the back of the grow light system. The lighting may be switched to suit the cloning, vegetative growth or the flowering stage. The color output requirements and the intensity are different for these changes and the easy switch relives the grower’s task in changing the light at each stage.
  • A daisy chain feature in the 300W Diamond Series LED grow light helps install more than one grow light type in a single cord. More lights may be required for a larger grow area.
  • The 300 Watt Diamond Series LED grow light suits for lighting a small-medium grow tent or system. The bright light will be spread uniform and can cause better yield in the end.
  • The 300W Diamond Series LED grow light comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and a 3 year warranty as well.

Advantages of 300 Watt diamond series LED

The Diamond lens is at an angle of 60 degrees that focuses better and the light falls on to the plants. This can penetrate better and reach far below the canopy.

The 300 Watt Diamond Series LED grow light is ready use and no ballast or supportive cooling systems are required for its smooth functioning. It saves both space and money from not having to purchase cooling or electric control systems.

The 300 Watt Diamond Series LED grow light does not use any harmful elements like mercury and makes an eco-friendly product. All the parts are recyclable.

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