Hydroponic Reservoir

350 Gallon Reservoir

350 Gallon Reservoir

Hydroponics is soil less plants cultivation technique using nutrients and water. This nutrients and water are dissolved together to make a nutrient rich water solution in a reservoir. Indoor plantation with hydroponics is getting popular in urban locations. This may be because of lack of outdoor space or ability to grow and eat fresh fruits and vegetables all year round.

There are several ready to use hydroponics system available in the market. These systems come with every hydroponics supplies you need to start growing from day one. All components including grow lights, timers, reservoirs, grow trays, hydroponic system and many more are included. But all these comfort comes to you with an expensive price to pay. Alternatively, you can build your own grow system. Reservoirs, grow trays, lids, etc are mostly overlooked components when you plan to construct your own grow system. However, these are minor yet essential components for successful plant growth.

There are many types of reservoir available on the market. With most of them, you often get confused on selecting the one that is the best. For your convenience, some points to consider that might influence your buying decision:

  • Reservoir Size: Reservoirs in several different sizes are available, including 25 gallons to 350 gallons Reservoir or more. It depends on the size of hydroponic setup to select a reservoir that perfectly fits with it. Also, consider the size of plants you wish to grow. Larger plants needs more water which needs large sized reservoir.
  • Type of Plant: The watering requirement for plants various depending upon its kind. Some plant needs lots of water and some would thrive with less water. Hence, first decide on the type of plant which you plan to grow.
  • Durable: Reservoir should be durable to assist you in many grow cycles. The plastic material should be strong enough to resist very high or low temperatures.
  • Maintenance: The Reservoir should be light weighted though durable for easy cleaning. For utmost plant growth and keeping clean water, it is suggested to empty and clean reservoir every one or two weeks. Heavy reservoir makes it difficult for regular cleaning.

Keeping in mind the above points, let me brief you on features of 350 Gallon Reservoir.

  • The 350 Gallon Reservoir comes black in color and is oval in shape.
  • 350 Gallon Reservoir¬†features a UV coated construction to protect the nutrient rich water solution that lies in the reservoir.
  • The FDA approved superior plastic material makes 350 Gallon Reservoir unique. This crack proof or split proof material makes the reservoir able to survive any high or low extreme temperature variations.
  • Moreover, the 350 Gallon Reservoir is build using a single sheet FDA approved plastic material to make it sturdy and prevent it from rupturing. Other reservoirs are made welding two separate plastic sheet pieces to make one. This puts your hydroponics system and plants at heavy risk of cracking or splitting and disrupting the growth cycle.
  • The dimension of the 350 Gallon Reservoir is 52″ L x 30″ W x 24″ H.


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