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4 x 100 7mil on Black Mylar

Black Mylar

Hydroponics growing
is done in a partially or completely enclosed unit. It can be a grow box, grow cabinet, grow tent or grow rooms. Artificial grow lights are installed in these units to replicate the effect of sunlight within for plants growth. However, it is seen that light is often lost in the corners of your grow space when it is not reflected back to the plants. For utmost effectiveness, Mylar sheets are used to reflect more light in your indoor garden. The most common being the black Mylar or white Mylar. Generally, Mylar was available only in 1 mil or 2 mil thick materials but today you can find Mylar in 7mil or more thickness.
Varied kinds of Mylar sheets are available in the market. One of them is 4 x 100 7mil on Black Mylar. This product is highly reflective that is used for optimum light return for your plants. It comes with one side black and the other side in reflective material. This wear and tear resistant material contains many other features such as:

The various features of 4 x 100 7mil on Black Mylar are:

  • Color – 4 x 100 7mil Mylar sheet can be used on either side. One side is Silver and other is Black in color.
  • Size – This black Mylar comes in a roll form i.e. 100 foot long and 4 ft. wide.
  • Thickness – It comes 7mil thick Mylar sheet that has black PE film support for additional strength. It is known to come in double thickness as against other types in the market.
  • Efficient – This sheet is efficient enough to utilize the light which would have been actually lost for maximum penetration.
  • Resistant – This product is heat resistant and will not tear off easily like other Mylar available in the market.
  • Flexible – 4 x 100 7mil on Black Mylar is flexible enough that can get attached to any surface of your grow space for ultimate light uniformity.
  • Compatible – You can put 4 x 100 7mil on Black Mylar to walls, floor or roofs and to get more creative, mount it even to poles, pots, reservoir or growing container.
  • Highly reflective – This black Mylar displays 99% extreme reflectivity for utmost reflection.
  • Quantity – 4 x 100 7mil on Black Mylar is sold in case quantity. One case contains 1 roll i.e. 4 ft. wide x 100 foot long and 7mil thick on Black Mylar.
  • Affordable – Buying a 4 x 100 7mil on Black Mylar is considered cost effective as it allows maximum light penetration for improved yields.

This black Mylar 4 x 100 7mil sheet can easily be attached to your grow area using duct tape or staple, if needed. Ensure the sheet is attached flat without any crease or tear. This will help improve its efficacy and reflect more light. To place your order today, just click on, check for special prices and add to cart.

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4 x 100 7mil on Black Mylar
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