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4 x 100 7mil on White Mylar

4 x 100 7mil on White Mylar

Mylar is an inexpensive reflective shiny material that usually comes in sheets or rolls. It is attached inside the grow area for more light reflectivity.

In hydroponics, artificial grow lights are used for plants to grow. It is important that plants get equal light from top to bottom for maximum photosynthesis. However, most of the light that is not reflective gets wasted in the corners. For maximum efficiency, this lost light is now utilized using Mylar. Usually, Mylar material is available in white or black color. It is generally offered in 1 mil or 2 mil thicknesses but nowadays thicker Mylar is also available that are 7mil or more in thickness. Here the details on 4 x 100 7mil on White Mylar are given.


The 4 x 100 7mil on White Mylar is one side white in color and other side silver for utmost reflectivity. It comes 100 foot long and 4 feet wide to entirely cover all interior of your growing space. Its silver shiny reflective material utilizes lost light for maximum efficiency and greatest light penetration.

The 4 x 100 on White Mylar is 7mil thick with white PE film back up for extra strength. With this thick material it will not tear easily like other low quality Mylar. It is best to use the thicker Mylar that offers durability and resistance towards tearing or creasing. 4 x 100 7mil on White Mylar offers double the thickness of any other kind Mylar in the market.

This flexible and friendly material can easily be attached to any surface for eventual light uniformity. Fix it on walls, roof or floors and to display more of your creative side you can even mount it on poles, plant pots or growing containers like reservoirs. The 4 x 100 7mil on White Mylar is highly reflective that reflects 99% of light.

The 4 x 100 7mil on White Mylar comes in a case quantity basis. One case contains 1 roll that includes 100 foot long x 4ft. wide Mylar material that is 7mil thick. This much quantity of the finest quality Mylar is available at the most reasonable prices.


  • This highly reflective white Mylar roll allows optimum light return for your plants.
  • It is compatible to any size grow area and holds exceptional light blocking potentials.
  • It is flexible that can be used on either side, Silver or White Mylar
  • This product helps even light distribution all through grow areas to minimize hotspots.
  • Its tear Resistant feature allows it to stay apart from the crowd providing long lasting use.


Mylar materials are generally not so easy to clean and might require replacement after few grow cycles. Hence, use this kind of superior quality so that your grow cycle in not interrupted in the middle. Also, ensure there is no crease, tear, or dirt on the Mylar otherwise the light reflectivity will be severely reduced. Hence, make sure the 4 x 100 7mil on White Mylar is placed flat on the walls, other grow space and is kept clean.

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4 x 100 7mil on White Mylar
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