Mylar & Diamond foils

4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on Black

4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on Black

The 4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on Black comes with efficient PET coating and are considered best diffussers of light when it comes to grow plants. Learn more about them here.

When it comes to buidling your own grow tents, consider simple techniques that give you best lumens without shooting your budget. Instead of high budget reflectors why not go for 4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on Black that will widen the spectrum area in your grow room while coming at an affordable price. This works great if you are a small scale gardener who is just taking baby steps to indoor growing.

The 4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on Black comes with efficient features that will give you a jump start in the number of yields you receive. Don’t believe me, check out the features and decide for yourself.

The diamond reflective technology is one of the superlative finishing that comes with the foil. It is considered one of the best diffusers and is often included in many of the grow cabinets and grow tents you will see in the market. Choose a best grow light for your grow tent and you are ready to start growing. The technology comes with 100% lightproof that ensures top prevention against light leakage from the grow tent. When the light leakage is reduced, the lumens have nowhere to go and will give you 100% positive results as the penetration will be increased to a good extent.

The 4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on Black comes with a PET coating that doubles the effect of your grow room. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) undergoes a metalized process where it delivers a silvery coating to the product resembling an aluminum foil. The PET increases the resistance of the product thereby safeguarding it from harsh climates and retaining its original state.

The 4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on Black claims that it can dissipate heat to a pretty good extent which means that the internal of your grow tent stays cool at all times. This will not only maintain a serene environment inside the grow room but also keep your plants cool and crisp all the time.

The design of the fabric is embossed in such a way that it gives a helping hand to the grow lights by increasing the spectrum which will prevent hot spots. Hot spots are sections where the grow lights are unable to reach. When you place the fabric in ordinance with the grow lights, the results are incredible.

The thickness of the 4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on Black is 4.5 mil that speaks volumes about the quality of the product. It comes at a budget fit price without asking much. It is available in Dealzer and is eligible for FREE SHIPPING.

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4' x 100' Diamond Foil on Black
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