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4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on White

Hydroponics Diamond Foil 5 Mil Reflective Material On White 4′ x 100′

In indoor gardening method like hydroponics your plants need more light for healthy growth. The more light plants get leads to higher yields. Usually, it is seen that most of the light produced by grow lights is lost in the corners of your grow space and is simply wasted. Hence to avoid this, you should be using reflective sheets like diamond foil for robust plant growth. Here the details on 4’ x 100’ Diamond Foil on White are discussed further.


  • Color – The diamond foil 4′ x 100′ come in bright white color on one side and super reflective silver on the other side.
  • Size – It comes 4 feet wide and 100 feet long to entirely cover your grow area.
  • Thickness – The 4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on White is 4.5mil thick material that won’t tear off against other foils that comes either in 1 mil or 2 mil thickness.
  • Roll form – Diamond foil comes in easy to use roll form.
  • Blackout Material – The material used in designing it offers 100% true blackout that you cannot see through it while providing complete light tight.
  • PET coated Material – The Diamond Foil is PET coated which means this coating will not fade or discolor over time while also protecting against corrosion and wear.
  • Crease Free Material – The Diamond Foil white 4′ x 100′ comprises membrane memory to considerably reduce any creases on the fabric.
  • Reflective –Its reflective material allows for 94% of the light that is lost to its surface to be bounced back and reused for optimum photosynthesis.
  • Disperses Even Light – The 4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on White comes with a diffused pattern to spread light more evenly.
  • Thermal protection – 4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on White is designed to help reduce heat and prevent from any hot spots in your grow area.
  • Durable – The diamond foil 4′ x 100′ white is made super tough to offer you prolonged use.
  • Reusable – It is a reusable material, simply clean it after every harvest and is ready for next grow.


  • 4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on White can be used to line walls, floors and ceilings to reflect valuable wasted light back onto your plants.
  • It can also be put over poles or pots or any growing container for more reflectivity.
  • You can also attach it on top of plant containers or grow media to prevent algae growth and allow light reflection from the bottom.
  • Diamond Foil 4′ x 100′ on White also protects your floors and walls from spills, debris, stains or molds.
  • It is a best alternative which is easy to clean and will not get easily smudge, scratch or tear.


4′ x 100′ Diamond Foil on White is considered a premier product compared to other foils on the market. This Finest reflective material is a durable and reusable foil that protects hotspots and distributes even light. Apart from these excellent features, you get this product at the most affordable price only at

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