White & Black Xtray

4′ x 4′ Black Xtray

4′ x 4′ White XTray

Hydroponics indoor plantation method is gaining popularity. This is because people want to eat healthy own grown foods and lack of outdoor space in urban locations tend people to develop indoor gardens. For growing plants indoors you can opt for either readymade hydroponic grow system or can build your own homemade hydroponics kit. In both cases you will have to gain plenty of knowledge of the components needed for plant success.

Many a times, the beginners or even expert growers overlooked the important component of hydroponic growing i.e. the grow tray or can also be called a flood tray. A grow tray is needed for hydroponic grow systems to support the plants. You can choose from a variety of grow trays available in the market. Their availability in varied sizes and colors can perfectly blend into your grow systems.

Xtray grow system offers various types of grow trays. They are available in 8 different sizes ranging from 2′ X 2′ to 4′ X 8’. Read more to know the details on 4′ x 4′ Black Xtray.

To start with, the xtray grow trays are offered in various sizes and each in either black or white color. The 4′ x 4′ Black Xtray is of black color that will match exactly with your grow unit. It features grooved FLO-THRU channels inside the tray for offering your plants a vibrant growing environment. Additionally, 4′ x 4′ Black Xtray keeps your plants well-irrigated at all times and ultimately provides you the healthiest plant growth.

The 4′ x 4′ Black Xtray is used to house the plants and grow medium. It is ideal for hydroponic seedlings, and offers perfect support to plants’ root systems. Nutrients can easily be delivered directly to the roots ensuring healthy plant growth. The 4′ x 4′ Black Xtray is a useful accessory in most of the hydroponic systems such as Ebb & Flow aka Flood and Drain hydroponic method, Wick System, drip system, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and deep water culture.

The black Xtray is measured 4’ x 4’ and its outside Dimensions is 51″ x 51″ x 6.5″. Order today and buy one from the dealzer.com website at the most affordable special price.

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4' x 4' Black XTray
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