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400w Super Cool Grow Light & Ballast Combo

400w Super Cool Grow Light & Ballast Combo

400w Super Cool Grow Light and Ballast Combo are perfect combination in your confined grow space. Usually, you look for grow light and ballast separately, but the compatibility of these two separate units is important for successful plant growth. Hence, buying a Grow Light & Ballast Combo pack would be a smart purchase.

The 400w Super Cool grow light & Ballast combo pack comes fully assembled with several pre-installed components, just screw in bulbs and plug in to start growing. The details of features and Components are:

Included Components and Its Features

It comes with everything you need with grow lights and ballast. It includes components such as digital dimmable ballast, 400 watt HPS bulb, tempered glass reflector, ducting, installed axial fan, and dual yo-yo system.

400w Super Cool Grow Light & Ballast

Perfectly Replicates Sunlight – The 400w high pressure sodium super cool grow light and ballast is ideal for vegetating and blooming stages of plants growth. This light is capable to perfectly replicate natural sunlight, allowing you to imitate summer and fall weather conditions indoor.

Coverage Area – The 400w super cool grow light and ballast covers 5 ft x 5 ft grow area under the light, when installed as high as 10 ft off the ground. Also keep in mind to keep this grow light at least 3 ft above the height of your plants.

Spectrum – The 400 watt HPS grow light displays red/orange light spectrum. This light spectrum is perfect in supporting plants to focus on glucose production and improved photosynthesis. This leads to heavier harvest during the blooming life stage of your plants.

Lumen Generation – This 400 watt HPS bulb generates 50,000 lumens of red or orange light spectrum to ensure maximum lumens distribution all through the plant.

Dimmable Digital Ballast – Lumatek 400w Dimmable Digital Ballast comes with this combo pack that allows faster and larger plant growth. The bulbs’ brightness can be raised or reduced according to plant life cycle while eliminating the need of separate bulbs.

Other Components

  • Reflector – The 25 1/2″ long and 6″ diameter Tempered Glass Reflector is an important component built-in 400w Super Cool Grow Light & Ballast Combo. Reflector helps to effectively reflect more light coming from the 400w Super Cool bulb. Usually, without reflector much of the light is wasted inside the grow area without utilizing. Hence reflector prevents this for healthy plant growth.
  • Ducting – The 84″ long and 6″ wide superior quality Thermaflo Ducting for both intake and outtake are incorporated with this combo pack. Ducting allows drawing fresh air inside and emitting warm air outside the grow space.
  • Fan – 400w Super Cool Grow Light & Ballast Combo comes installed with Axial Fan that operates at 138 cfm. Fan helps to keep the ballast, grow light and over all grow environment warm.
  • Dual Yo-Yo system – This combo pack comes with dual Yo-Yo for easy installation and quick hanging. This adjustable Dual Yo-Yo allows you to modify the height of grow lights.

This pack comes with Three year warranty on everything except the 400w bulb and offers unlimited lifetime Customer Service support. Buy this affordable combo pack today from


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400w Super Cool Grow Light & Ballast Combo
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